Thank You, Lord – Teaching Recording

thankyoulord - thumbnailHey guys, trying to do a better job of sharing resources on Monday mornings.  Here is a teaching recording for the song “Thank You Lord.”  This is the first congregational song I ever wrote.  It is very simple harmonically, only a couple chords, but can be kind of challenging rhythmically.  If you get it it down it’s lots of fun.  We just sang it in our worship service yesterday.

Here is a recording that teaches all the parts from the sheet music.   

Here is the latest sheet music, available as part of the new River City Music “Songs of the Kingdom” songbook (if you haven’t gotten a copy of that please order one).  Thank You Lord – sheet music

Here is the recording that appears on my “Be with Me Lord CD” from a few years back.  

Here is an earlier post of the song with a video of us doing the song in a rehearsal.

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