Reach logo.001I was honored to get to head out to St. Louis last week to help with preparations for the North American Discipleship Summit happening next summer, “Reach.”  It’s going to be really encouraging to gather with thousands to worship God.  I feel like these times are gift from God to help us imagine how amazing it will be to be in heaven some day — thousands upon thousands of us — new bodies, new city, new age, with He himself among us as our light.  We collaborated on a theme song and on the spur of the moment decided to record an unplugged version of it.  We made this video with our iPhones right there in the middle of the dome in anticipation of the gathering next summer.  Hope you are able to join us for the conference!  The details are at


Reaching up to higher view
Reaching in to listen close to you
Reaching out to those around
Sing and shout, we lift our voices loud

Faith comes not from what we do
But from how we lose ourselves in you
Triumph as we praise the King
Lord of all, He is our everything

Reach, Reach up
Reach, Reach in
Reach, Reach out

Help each other if we fall
You provide the strength to conquer all
Hand in hand, on up we go
Climbing up to Jesus as we grow

Reach, Reach up
Reach, Reach in
Reach, Reach out

Till the day the battle’s won
Faithful to the end we’ll overcome
Striving on into the light
By your grace we’ll reach the other side

Reach, Reach up
Reach, Reach in
Reach, Reach out

verses and chorus
D / D / C / C

Am / Am / D / D

last chorus
G / G / C / C

2 Comments on “Reach”

  1. Mike Facey says:

    This is great Brian! While I was watching the video I was about to ask about chords — and here they are! We’ll try to get our region in Brooklyn familiar with the song in advance for the Conference.

  2. Bret Krueger says:

    This is great! Thanks for posting so we can be ready to blow the roof off that place next year.

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