Online Live Concert for Better Haiti

Hey guys, happy Monday!  In case you didn’t catch it, a little over a week ago we broadcasted a live concert of my original worship songs as a fundraiser for Better Haiti.  They approached me about doing it a month or two ago, after seeing the set up we have in my garage for our regular Sunday services.  They also requested all the songs — which ended up being pretty cool.  If I had chosen the set list, I probably would have have chosen a bunch of the new songs I’m currently working on or haven’t released yet.  But having them pick the set list made the concert end up being kind of a capstone event for the songwriting contributions I’ve made for the church over the last 20+ years (wow, that’s a long time).  The earliest of these songs (I Need Your Love, Be with Me Lord) were actually written that long ago!  It was also cool to put the concert together with just me and my family and a few good friends from our little local ministry who help me out on our Sunday streams.  The concert ended up a bit better quality than our regular Sunday services which we do totally live (other than “virtual choir” videos which we use to include more worship team members during quarantine).  For the concert, we prerecorded things and then I spent the week mixing and mastering the audio so it sounded as good as I could make it, given our live performance setting in my garage.

If you haven’t done so, please take a little time and enjoy the hour and 1/2 concert.  And say a prayer or make a donation for our brothers and sisters in Haiti.  It was a lot of work to put this together, and the culmination of half my lifetime in some ways, so I hope many of you can enjoy it.

0:00:00 Intro – Daniel Albert

0:02:37 ♪ Home in Heaven

0:06:20 ♪ Lead Me to the Rock

0:10:08 ♪ Shadow of Your Wings

0:13:35 ♪ Anchor for the Soul

0:18:30 Talking About Fundraiser

0:20:50 Introducing the Band

0:21:54 ♪ I Need Your Love

0:26:48 ♪ The Spirit’s Fire

0:32:10 ♪ Great Among the Nations

0:36:40 ♪ Breakthrough

0:43:19 ♪ A Faithful Witness

0:47:51 Talking About Fundraiser – Daniel

0:49:35 Better Haiti Presentation – Daniel

0:54:29 Talking about fundraiser – Brian

0:54:55 My other music work

0:56:24 Intro Worship/Prayer

0:59:00 ♪ The Joy of the Lord Is Your Strength

1:04:46 ♪ Praise the Lord O My Soul

1:09:51 ♪ Rejoice (I Will Lift My Voice)

1:14:20 ♪ Be with Me Lord

1:17:58 Intro Last Song

1:18:40 ♪ Praises Heard Around the World

1:21:45 Closing – Daniel

1:23:15 Credits/Info

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