Spark Become a Fire

We had guest speaker Tony Fernandez (from Broward County FL) preach for us yesterday.  He gave an inspiring lesson from Jesus’ short story of the yeast and the dough (Matt 13:33).  At the climax of his lesson, as he spoke about how small slice of the kingdom can change the whole world:

You end the suffering by being a shoulder for people to cry on
You end crime by teaching people the ways of Jesus
You bring peace by becoming a peacemaker in a world of hurt
You show justice by admitting your own need for repentance
You rush into a world and become leaven…YOU CHANGE IT from the inside out.
 – Tony Fernandez

It was really cool lesson thinking about the ways that small things can add up to big things that bring real change in the world.  Reminded me of a song I wrote a couple years ago I thought I’d share today called “Spark Become a Fire.”  It’s one of my “Ties to the Light” songs — these are songs that aren’t necessarily the ones that I write for my church but rather songs that are designed to hopefully find uses outside the circle of God’s people and bring a bit of light to wherever they end up.  I have more of these songs to release soon, and I need to make more music videos to get the songs out there.  [By the way if you are reading this and you want to support these songs and you have any idea for a music video for one of the songs on this album –like make one yourself or some idea, please comment below or message me.]

I love the idea that we can bring peace and justice to whatever situation we’re in because of the love and example of Jesus, and the working of the Holy Spirit.  I have a hopeful view of the future.   Like Martin Luther King said (quoting nineteenth-century abolitionist Theodore Parker), “the arc of the moral universe is long but it bends towards justice.”   I want to help with that in any way I can.

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