LAICC Worship Leader Video

Hey guys thanks so much for helping out! The tracks are below.  You’ll listen to these and sing (or play along) using headphones.  Record your own performance with your cell phone, portrait mode for singers, landscape for musicians.  More instructions are below.  You can pick one of the tracks or make videos for both if you want. We are hoping to have all the videos by LATE TUESDAY NIGHT so we can edit WED / THURS / FRI and get to all the Regions for stream THIS SUN.


Spirit’s Fire – King of My Heart


How Great is Our God – The Stand


These tracks have all the vocals on there, so you’ll be able to pick a part and sing it (melody, alto, or tenor harmonies). Then I’ll just replace my vocals with yours.  There are also recordings farther below that have the harmony parts isolated, if you need to hear/practice them.

Here are the Spanish lyrics for the first two choruses of “How Great is Our God”

Cuan grande es mi Dios, cantemos
Cuan grande es mi Dios, Todos veran
Cuan gran, cuan grande es mi Dios

There are too many people pitching in to make much of a script so just sing on as much as you want (as long as you follow the track). And we’ll edit people in and out on different parts. (We’ll most likely be cutting from face to face, so it’s OK to just sing on most all of everything.)

You can also jump from one part to another if you want (I’m not too good at doing that, but some of you are). For example on the bigger/louder parts of the songs (like the end of “King of My Heart”) you can jump to a higher part.  Again, sing as much as you want.  If you’d rather just record parts of the song (rather than the whole song) that’s fine too. Just be sure to sing on the biggest / loudest parts cause that’s probably where we’ll have all the faces!

You’ll need two devices, one to listen to the track and the other to record the video.  If you are playing an instrument, try to make an additional AUDIO recording (like a voice memo on a phone or ipad) that is near the instrument or amp, start that recording first, then start your video recording.  This will give me better sound for the mix.

Record somewhere quiet! (Minimize any background noise.) If possible try to avoid an echo-ey space also (like a tiled room or kitchen). The “dryer” the better (carpeted bedroom, in a car, outdoors).


Here is the folder to upload your videos to:


Spirit’s Fire – ALTO


Spirit’s Fire – TENOR


King of My Heart – ALTO


King of My Heart – TENOR


How Great is Our God – ALTO


How Great is Our God – TENOR


The Stand – ALTO


The Stand – TENOR