Monday Morning Music – “All to Jesus I Surrender”

Hello friends!

I have been meaning to do this for a long time.  I’m starting a blog.  For a few years I had a page at with articles, sheet music, recordings, lyrics and chord charts.  I heard from people in as distant places (distant from me, anyway) as Japan, Russia, and the Philippines that used the resources.  When the space was taken down unexpectedly (servers that hosted “” content, for those of you who know what that was) I lost all that stuff and it has been my intention to get something up again for some time now.

I’ve decided to start this first thread under the heading of “Monday Morning Music.”  I love Mondays (um, unlike, I’m sure, some of you).  Working in full-time ministry for the last eight years, my weekends are packed with serving God and people.  As a music director and minister of worship, my Sundays are all about helping God’s people praise him, connect with him, and get as much as possible out of our worship services.  I go to bed very tired on Sunday night.  So Monday mornings are a time of personal and spiritual renewal, long quiet times, a chance to be still and to be with God.  I come up with ideas and write new songs on Monday.

So my goal is, every Monday, to post something for you.  Maybe a new song, maybe a new arrangement of an old song.  Maybe something from the worship service the day before.  Sometimes I travel and do “worship weekends” in different churches, and I might share something I learn.  I won’t type too much, won’t take too much of your time.  But so many people ask me for resources, and I know God could use what we are doing to bless his church all around.  Besides the Monday blog entries, I’ll be adding lots of other links and resources in the coming weeks.

My real desire is not just to provide resources for you, but to learn from you guys as well.  Please…comment!  Post your own stuff.  I want this to become a community.  I’ll keep it going as long as it’s helping folks.

This video explains the launch of this blog and I also share an arrangement of a classic hymn from our service yesterday, “All to Jesus I Surrender.”  The words of this song are so great, and they really express my desire for this blog and for all of our talents as worship leaders –that all we are and do be surrendered to his perfect will.

God bless,




All to Jesus I surrender
All to him I freely give
I will ever love and trust him 
In his presence daily live

 All to Jesus I surrender
Humbly at his feet I bow
Worldly treasures all forsaken
Take me Jesus, take me now

All to Jesus I surrender
Lord I give myself to thee
Fill me with your love and power
Let your blessings fall on me

Chord Chart (from our arrangement yesterday)

D       /     A/D     /    G/D   /     G/D  D  
D       /     A/D     /    G/D   /     G/D  D  
D       /    Asus          /    A      /    D
D      /    D    G(add2)    /    A     /   D

15 Comments on “Monday Morning Music – “All to Jesus I Surrender””

  1. Renz says:

    Hi bro! Wow, I’m so thankful to bump into your thread! Really, we missed your page ( because it a great resource for us here in Manila. Though we appreciate your place at myspace, your page is so much helpful for us worship leaders here. I am grateful that you have thought about this thread and I hope it will bloom to a great community of worship leaders.

    Hopefully, we will be able to post our own arrangements of some of the kingdom songs we’ve been singing here. We are excited to learn so much from this place. Again, bro, thanks a lot for this idea. God bless you even more for His glory!


    PS. Thanks for putting the chords of All to Jesus I Surrender. I will let our guitarist do this stuff.

    • jbriancraig says:

      Thanks a lot for your comment –cool you found the blog before I even told anyone it was there. Thanks for your thoughtful encouragement. I look forward to getting your arrangements posted!

  2. Renz says:

    Thanks for your reply, bro. Wow, it seems that I’m the first lucky person who knew about this thread. Actually, I was searching for resources aside from rivercity music, iccsongs, and other kingdom resources of what we need to do more in our sector’s worship ministry, and I thought about your page (hoping I could still see it eventhough I know it’s gone). But I was led to this…and it’s really cool God let me see this.

    Anyway, I forgot to tell you how grateful we are here in Manila for your songs…We love your songs and we thank you for composing them; they are encouraging and uplifting, helping us so much to worship God and to connect to Him. Thanks a lot, really. Even the children in our children’s ministry love to sing your songs and they jump and dance with it. Keep it up, bro! You’re doing awesome!


  3. Justin says:

    wow. I thank God for you, bro…..

  4. Loraine (Lori) L. Roberts says:

    Brian, I love this arrangement of “All To Jesus.” I could play it over and over again. Also, I am looking forward to hearing more arrangements of the old hymns on here. One of my favorite old songs is: “How Great Thou Art.”

  5. Jim Smith says:

    Thanks for this Brian, great idea. Although I no longer attend an ICC congregation I do conduct a worship service for our small group here in WY and am always looking for some new stuff to glorify God with. Thanks agian.

  6. Adrian Mesa Az. says:

    Hey Brian it sounds good. The web site is a good idea to share songs. talk at you later. Adrian.

  7. JOE HENDERSON says:

    I am proud to always tell my brothers and sisters in Temecula that I know you. This is amazing.

  8. Michael Aggabao says:

    Your songs minister to my soul. Last couple of days I’ve been detached emotionally, drained, poured out,tired but this song reminds me of why I am here for. It inspired to record a song ” Run For The Prize” Ph 3:14. Still figuring out how to post the song to this website. I love the life you have shown me . I’m having a blast leading songs here in the East Region.

    • jbriancraig says:

      Michael, thanks for always being such a source of encouragement! If you can find a spot to upload an mp3 of a song, you can post a link to that location and everyone can download or hear it. I posted your song at this link – Run for the Prize. Keep writing songs, bro. You have a gift for catchy tunes. Anyone reading this –check out Michael’s CD at CD Baby

  9. miles branson says:

    Brian, amazing song of worship, I loved the arrangement. I am so excited God has given you so much talent and also the technical ability to do this kind of stuff. If you build it… they will come. Your video looked a little washed out from too much light, I think I might have seen Moses, Elijah and Jesus next to you for a minute.
    Love Miles

  10. Michael Aggabao says:

    I can’t wait to present this arrangement to our group, you made it contemporary. I love it. Still need to work on my strumming.

  11. Brook says:

    Hi Brian,
    I love your new blog site. Thanks so much for using your talents to edify the church. I’m apart of a small house church in San Diego and we were just talking about getting a hold of some new, contemporary music with the lyrics and notes included. This site will help our group tremendously!

  12. jbriancraig says:

    Thanks for your comment, Brook. Let me know if there is anything specific you are looking for.

  13. […] it’s been exactly 10 years now since I started this blog post, “Monday Morning Music” and shared my vision for this spot on the web in this video.  […]

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