Praises Heard Around the World!

What an amazing, amazing, amazing time the 2012 World Discipleship Summit in San Antonio was!! It was a kingdom milestone, a once-in-a lifetime event. It was something we’ll still talk about years from now the way we do the 1989 “Men Who Dream” Conference in Boston (those of us who were around back then). I was SO blessed and humbled and thrilled to have gotten to be involved with it. God blew us away with more than we asked for or imagined, in terms of how many disciples attended and how impacting the times of worship in the AT&T Center were. I’ve still yet to catch up on all the great photos and videos on Facebook and Youtube and

This was SO cool and set us up for an incredible night of worship on Saturday night with the International Choir: the debut of the “Hear Them Singing” video project, where disciples from around the world all sang the same song (“Praises Heard Around the World”) in their own native language.  Russell Kirkpatrick and his team and so many around the world contributed so much to make this dream a reality.  Many who have watched the video have shared that they were brought to tears, just thinking about and celebrating the global fellowship of which we are a part.

Here is the final video, as well as some amazing videos that are the full song produced by the worship team in Nairobi Kenya and Kingston Jamaica.



3 Comments on “Praises Heard Around the World!”

  1. Still can’t get over how seamless the video is. Phenomenal work, Russ!!!

  2. Nikki says:

    It’s perfect. Whatever striving went on to get communicated what needed to ended up right at perfection! Whenever I feel down, I come here. Thank you.

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