Wow, so much has happened in just a few days.  I can’t believe it was only Wednesday that I first saw a clip of the George Floyd video on the news. I was so incensed, felt powerless, frustrated, angry… yet I know though I’ve been learning and asking many questions of my black brothers and sisters over the last several years, I still don’t understand what many felt watching that clip (or worse yet, the entire video). We had a regional service scheduled (several churches coming together on our livestream) for yesterday so much of our worship service had already been pre-recorded.  We scrambled to re-record as much as we could and speak to what so many were feeling (including a helpful interview Steve Morici did with Greg Russell, our campus minister in Long Beach).  One thing we had already in production was this song, and the words carried so much more meaning, singing them yesterday.  We need a breakthrough in this country, in racial relations.  We need a breakthrough in our struggle against injustice, in repairing centuries of pain and anguish felt by so many.  May God hear our collective prayer for a breakthrough.

“Virtual Worship Team” recording by worship leaders across the Coastal LA Family of Churches (Westside, Greater Long Beach, MLA / El Mensaje, and South Bay)

Intro and prayer to singing the song:

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