Only In the Cross – from Regional service

Happy Monday, and happy birthday to me!  (Thanks for all the well wishes, fam!)  I am sharing a video of a new song we introduced a regional service a few weeks ago.  Some of you may have seen an earlier video I posted for our members so they could be familiar with the song before we got there to sing.  And here is the video from our live stream of the service itself.  Seemed to work well to send it out ahead of time — people really sang out on it.  More about the song below.  (Note: the live stream cuts off just as our guest speakers from the Middle East came up to speak, due to security concerns with their lesson content.)


I had been feeling for a while like I wanted some new songs we could sing during Communion (or immediately following a time of meditation).  There are some great ones that are somewhat newer (“Jesus Messiah,” “My Chains Are Gone,” “What a Beautiful Name”).  I like ones that specifically mention the body and blood of Jesus, and had been thinking about it for a while when this song just popped into my head during a quiet time.  I didn’t have an instrument handy so I just jotted down the lyrics and sang the melody onto my phone.  It was only later that I realized the chorus changes are pretty identical to “10,000 Reasons,” so I’m sure you music nerds will notice that — sorry my dudes, but nothing is new under the sun.

Anyway, here is the demo recording I made for our team — I’ll work on it a bit more and add it to several other new songs I hope to release soon.  And here is some sheet music for the harmony parts on the chorus.  We had a choir and you can hear, they sound great on the video above.

Only In the Cross – demo

Only in the Cross – sheet music

Feel free to use the song — I’m curious if you mess with the key and try it lower or higher, let me know; I’m overthinking that all the time these days.  God bless!


Only in the cross
Can I be set free
Only by your body
Given up for me
Only in the blood
Falling from your hands
Only in the cross
We begin again

We take this bread
As we gather here
We remember you
We take this cup
And commit our souls
The covenant made new

We the church
Worship you alone
You our God and King
We serve and witness
All you’ve done
Praises we will sing

“It is finished!”
Was your cry
You’re coming back
Some day
Now in heaven
Exalted high
Forever you will reign

Glory – Glory!



G  D  /  A  Bm7

G  D  /  A  A  D/F#

G  D  /  A  Bm7

G  D  /  A   D…


Bm  A/C#   D  /  Em7  Bm

Bm  A/C#   D  /  A   Asus

G   A  Bm   /  A   D

Bm  A/C#   D  /  A   Asus

Bridge  “Glory”

Bm   D/F#  /    G    / 

G   A   /  Bm    /   Bm 


Last time go to  D instead of Bm

voices only soft chorus to end



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