Teaching Recordings

First let me say these recordings are NOT intended for your listening pleasure! (For that please pick up one of my CDs or purchase some of my produced stuff on iTunes.) These are quick recordings that I have put together over the last few years here and there for our Sunday team or for choir members at conferences – things like that. I have continued to have requests for these so I thought I should post them for whomever to use.

Most of these recordings work the same way: I go through each vocal part (soprano, alto, tenor, bass) one at a time. Fast forward to the end of most of the recordings to hear how it sounds with all of the parts together.

I’ll try to put some more up soon. Let me know if these are helpful.

A Faithful Witness – Teaching Recording

Anchor for the Soul – teaching recording

Angels We Have Heard – Teaching Recording

Blessed Be Your Name – Teaching Recording

Bent on Conquest – Teaching Recording

Breakthrough – teaching recording

By Faith – teaching recording

Christmas Baby Please Come Home – teaching recording

Do You Hear What I Hear – teaching recording

Emmanuel – teaching recording

Everlasting God – Teaching Recording

Everything is Possible – Teaching Recording

Friend of God – teaching recording

Generation to Generation – teaching recording

Glory Be to Jesus – teaching recording

Great Among the Nations – teaching recording

Greater Worth than Gold – teaching recording

Hallelujah (your love makes me sing) – parts

Hark the Herald Angels Sing – teaching recording

He Reigns – teaching recording

Here Am I Send Me – teaching recording

Here I Am to Worship – Teaching Recording

Home in Heaven – teaching recording

I Could Sing of Your Love Forever – teaching recording

I Hear God Singing to Me – teaching recording

I Pray on Christmas – Teaching

I Need Your Love – teaching recording

I’m Gonna Praise You – teaching recording

Just a Little Talk with Jesus – teaching recording

Mary Boy Child – teaching recording

Mighty to Save – teaching recording

More Love More Power – teaching recording

My Chains are Gone – teaching recording

My Father’s House – parts

Lo What A Glorious Sight – teaching recording

Love the Lord – teaching recording

O Come All Ye Faithful – teaching recording

O Come Emmanuel – Teaching Recording

O Holy Night – teaching recording 

O Holy Night – Teaching Recording for choir

O Lamb of God – parts

On the Mountain of the Lord – teaching recording

On Zion’s Glorious Summit – teaching recording

One By One – Teaching Recording

Poor Wayfaring Stranger – Teaching Recording

Power – Teaching Recording, dmin

Praises Heard – Teaching Recording

Rejoice – teaching recording

Send Me Out – teaching recording

Set Apart – Teaching Recording

Show Me the Wonder – Teaching Recording

Siku Rin Wana – teaching recording

Thank You Lord – teaching recording

The First Noel – teaching recording

Trading My Sorrows – teaching recording

Truth Will Set You Free – parts

We Fall Down – teaching

We Praise Thee O God – teaching recording

Why Did My Savior Come to Earth – teaching recording

You Are Good – teaching recording

You Are My Everything – teaching recording

Your Name – teaching recording

32 Comments on “Teaching Recordings”

  1. cindy rasines says:

    hi bro! i’m a sis from the Metro Cebu Christian Church, Philippines. just wanna ask how i can download the teaching recordings? would really help in our practice. tnx for sharing!

  2. jbriancraig says:

    Hey sister – got your message back about “A Faithful Witness” – that’s great. To use these recordings just right-click on the title of the one you want, do “save as” and you should be able to save it to your hard drive (or if you have Mac you would right click and choose “Download linked file as”). Let me know if that doesn’t work. THANKS for singing my songs in the Philippines!

  3. cindy says:

    it didn’t seem to work with my PC.. it saved as a link (html file) but got it with my Mac. tnx a bunch, bro!

  4. Richli Nacua says:

    Hi brother,

    This is Richli Nacua, a brother from Metro Cebu Christian Church in Philippines.

    I really appreciate your website and your songs. Its very useful on us here in the church. Right now we already practicing your songs and taught it in the church. We are delighted and happy worshiping our Father God. To learn and to sing a new songs for God from you, its a great privileged on us here in Cebu Church. Thank you so much our Dear brother. May our Lord our God May even increase your talents and use you in the most powerful ways not only here in Cebu but to the whole world.

    • jbriancraig says:

      Cool – thanks so much for the encouragement bro! I love my brothers and sisters in the Philippines!!

  5. Matt Mike says:

    Hey bro, I’m a brother from the North region in LA. I actually just saw you this past week at camp….I just recently discovered this website and it has been helping me so much! These recordings, as well as the sheet music, are excellent resources to getting these songs and all their parts down and I appreciate that you’ve posted them. Your service to the kingdom is a huge encouragement to me. Thanks again Bro!

  6. Wendy Ornoza says:

    Hello Bro!
    I appreciate your website a lot. It helps me and the music ministry in our region learn the songs and teach them as well to the congregation. Thanks again. GOD bless you.

    Wendy Ornoza
    Metro Manila Christian Church

  7. Leo Etcharte-Tine says:

    Hi Brian! Awesome job at the San Diego conference bro! Thank you for “Send Me Out”; that was an awesome song and I had to teach it to the church this last Wednesday. They loved it! Thank you especially for making the chords easy on that one; I’m a novice guitar player and not a great singer (God doesn’t mind that), and your songs are so cool, inspiring, and encouraging. Please keep on adding chord charts and videos to songs you do, so that we can learn them and teach them to church. Hey, do you have a video of how to play “Have Faith”? if that is the title; or maybe it is “The Joy of the Lord is Your Strength”? We’d really like to learn that. The guitar part seems kinda hard for me to learn just from doing it by ear and seeing the chords, but please let me know if you’ll have a video. Thanks for using your gift to encourage the church. Much love bro!

  8. Angela says:

    Brother, thank you so much for using your talents to help worship ministries all over the world. I love your songs and am hoping that our worship ministry here in Atlanta will use some of these songs as we are in need of some new songs. May God continue to bless you and your family.

  9. joey gonzales says:

    Hello bro! i am really happy sharing the songs in the church you have uploaded in your website. As of today disciples are exited to hear and learn the songs and wanted to learn more. i just came from General Santos City, Philippines and taught them “Show Me The Wonder”, they were just thankful brother! Personally it’s my joy to be in the music ministry. Oh, by the way i also love your CD “Remain In Me” that i bought.

    May God be glorified in our worship.

  10. joey gonzales says:


  11. Dion Clarke says:

    Thanks Bro it’s really appreciated :-), love from Jamaica

  12. Emmanuel Ojo-Odiase says:

    Please can you do a teaching recording of Stand in Awe

    • jbriancraig says:

      Will do bro – I’ll let you know when I get one made.

      • Emmanuel says:

        Hallo bro,
        Still hoping and praying you can make this happen soon.
        Congrats on your recent album release. I believe it will be a great success.

  13. Nat Navarro says:

    Hi Brian,
    Thanks a million for sharing your talent. We’ll be using the recording for our practice. Hope to meet you someday.

    Dublin Church of Christ

    • jbriancraig says:

      Thanks for the message from Dublin! I hope to make more recordings and sheet music available soon. God bless!

  14. aldrich Restauro says:

    hi bro,
    thanks for the songs you composed like REJOICE, PRAISES HEARD AROUND THE WORLD and many others. We were singing it during our City Churches Conference(attended by city churches in the Philippines, Guam and some disciples in Cambodia and Vietnam) last May 2011. Many disciples are looking forward to sing it to their respective churches.
    We have been learning many songs from you and we look forward to learn for more. May you continue to be use by God for His glory.

    Aldrich Restauro
    Metro Cebu Christian Church

  15. Evelyn Johansson says:

    Love your latest album Brian! Awesome! Hope we could sing some of your songs here in Stockholm. They’re really great songs…Praises heard is my personal favorite. 🙂

    Sis in Christ, Evelyn

  16. Kenton says:

    Brian, just wanted you to know we rely on this site quite a bit for worship resource. Thanks for all you do my brother.

    • jbriancraig says:

      Thanks for the feedback, Kenton. I need to post some new materials – I have a backlog of lyrics and chords to post so this inspires me to get it done.

  17. Traci Mullaney says:

    I just joined our singers on stage and this helps me with alto part. Thank you so very much. I appreciate everything you do.

  18. Charles says:

    Brian, Have you considered selling Background tracks to your songs. Some churches without bands could benefit from them. Just a thought.

    • jbriancraig says:

      Yes, others have have asked me about that as well; just need to get organized and put them together. I will do a post soon with all the ones I have now. Thanks

  19. Bola Onayemi says:

    Hi Brian, I just wanted to say thanks so much for all the teaching recordings and other wonderful resources you share with us on your website. I’m a member of the worship ministry for the Greater Philadelphia Church of Christ and our ministry owes a lot to you and this incredible website!!!

  20. Hi Brian,

    My name is Haydee and I am from Cebu, Philippines. Your vocal tutorials have helped us tremendously. I hope you could do a tutorial of Hillsong’s ‘Still’ and Chris Tomlin’s ‘Holy Is The Lord’. Thanks!

    In Christ,

  21. jaygrasso says:

    Brian, Thanks for sharing! I’m a new tenor at church and I like to ask for tenor parts from worship leader but I look here first. I love when you have led worship at New England conferences! THANKS! Jay

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