When I Survey the Wondrous Cross

I got a chance to share Communion yesterday at our ministry workshop.  It’s such an important time – really even the main reason we come together on Sunday.  Jesus told his guys to do this thing, share this meal, in remembrance of him.  Didn’t really say much more than that as far as when / how, but for 2000 years his followers have been coming together on Sunday, the day he rose from the dead, to share this meal, the bread and the wine, in remembrance of him.  It’s an important time.  So critical a time that Paul even said some early Christians were dying or getting sick cause they weren’t doing it the right way (wow, kinda crazy to consider).  I had been thinking about that a few months ago because as a worship leader I realized I was missing taking communion quite a bit –during that moment in the service I am usually providing some meditation music.  So then I would sometimes take it by myself at home later, but it just didn’t seem right to not be joining the body – it’s a community thing.  Hence the name “communion” – alternatively called the Lord’s supper,  or the eucharist, which means “thanksgiving” (a term we don’t really use in our church but it is used fairly early in the writings of the church fathers –not meaning the doctrine of transubstantiation which came in later).

Anyway, yesterday I shared a somewhat funny story of ruining Santa Claus for some of the preteen campers at Youth Camp and how I had so much regret in that moment.  Silly example, but there are serious example of regrets from last year:  times I didn’t open my mouth to share my faith with someone, or failed to follow up with someone who was open.  Times I made my wife cry because of my lack of sensitivity.  Times of disrespecting my kid – the last thing I want to do a parent.  Lust, fits of rage, pride –we all have these regrets.  Yet we all know 2 Cor 7:10…

Godly sorrow bring repentance that leads to salvation and leaves NO REGRET!

How is that possible? The blood of Christ!

God rescues us
God heals us
God sets us on solid ground
God gives us fresh starts / new beginnings
Don’t REGRET. Instead, RESET.

Communion is a time to “hit the reset button.”  We examine ourselves as the scriptures mention, we find ourselves lacking, and we take comfort in the blood of Christ that covers over our sin.  God sees us baptized disciples of Jesus as just as pure and holy in this moment as the day we came up out of the purifying waters of his saving grace.

Yesterday we read all of Psalm 116 together about remembering what God has done for us as what that motivates us to do in return.  A couple highlights:

Psalm 116 7-8
Vs 7. Return to your rest, my soul
for the Lord has been good to you

Again, taking this moment to – RESET. Return. Rest.

Vs 8. For you, Lord, have delivered me from death,
my eyes from tears,
my feet from stumbling,
that I may walk before the Lord
in the land of the living.

I love how this song says just this same thought.  This song is in my bones.  I’ve been singing it as long as I can remember, all growing up.  Sometimes when I sing this one or “O Sacred Head” I feel like I can smell the grape juice.  May I never ever ever stop keeping my eyes on the cross of Christ.  May I stay ever-motivated by his love.  Psalm 116:12 says, “What shall I return to the Lord for all his goodness to me?”  The answer is everything.  The last line of this hymn says, “love so amazing, so divine demands my heart, my soul, my all.”

Above is is the version I recorded back somewhere around 2005 for my first worship CD, “Be with Me Lord.” Here are the chords I use.

WHEN I SURVEY (my arrangement)

E / E / A B / E
E / A / C#min / B
E / E / A B / E
E / C#min / A B / E

Last verse:
G / G / C D / G
G / C / Emin / D
G / G / C D / G
G / Emin / C D / G


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