The Whole World Will Know

ICMC worshipI recently had an awesome time with about a thousand college students at a conference called “The Whole World Will Know.”  There were about 4000 students world-wide who were a part of the conference, with meeting locations in different parts of the world (Hampton Roads VA, JoBurg, Nariobi, Lagos, Mexio City, Guatemala City, Santiago, Jakarta, Singapore, Australia, Bangalore, Bergen Norway, Budapest, Berlin, Kiev, Manila, London, and here in LA).  It was so encouraging to sense the passion these young people have for being used by God to change the world for the better –helping the poor and underprivileged, spreading the gospel, starting new campus ministries, being willing to give their very lives to the cause of Christ.  It is clear there is a fire being kindled on our college campuses.  Years back, I moved here to LA as a college student as a part of a mission team, and being at the conference reminded me to “never be lacking in zeal, but keep my spiritual fervor, serving the Lord.”  If you are interested in more info about the annual conference, check out

I wanted to share the theme song I wrote for the conference, along with the context of the song in the video below…

Here are the words and a chord chart:



You messed with the wrong God

Picked a fight you cannot win and

pretty soon the whole world will know


Got your spear and javelin

But I got the the Lord Almighty

Cut you down and the whole world will know


Oo, the whole world, the whole world 

The whole world will know


Go ahead mock me

I know who wins this war and

pretty soon the whole world will know


This ain’t really about me

I’m just a part of something bigger

Someday the whole world will know


Oo, the whole world, the whole world 

The whole world will know


I know all that’s behind me

Shown me what God can do

Seen the bear and the lion fall 

And now this time it’s you…



G        /    F/G     /     C/G     /   G 



G       /     F     /   C     /   G



Eb    /   Bb    /   Ab     /  Bb

Eb    /    Bb    /   D     /   D


3 Comments on “The Whole World Will Know”

  1. Kari says:

    My 18 yr. old daughter was there with the San Diego group of campus kids… and they had an incredible time!!… she came home very encouraged!!…

  2. Josh Taliaferro says:

    Thanks bro, this is awesome! I’m writing a song for worship and i would love to have your opinion on it…how would i show it to you??

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