Set Apart

set apart.001Hey everybody. Happy Monday morning!  Wanted to post a song today called “Set Apart.”  Below is sheet music, teaching recording, lyrics, chord charts, and the recording from my latest album “Higher Ground.”   But first, a little more to set up the song.

We’ve been doing a midweek series on holiness for the singles ministry in my church.  Along with the teaching we’ve been reading a book written almost 140 years ago by J. C. Ryle called Holiness:Its Nature, Hindrances, Difficulties, and Roots.  It’s amazing that it was written in 1877 but is so applicable to today’s world!  He has some great stuff on the difference between justification and sanctification.  Both are fully dependent on grace.  Both are a work of God.  Justification is Jesus paying the penalty for our sins and all about his redeeming work.  Sanctification is really about his grace displayed in us –how we respond to his sacrificial love, the choices we make, what our life reflects.  The word translated “sanctified” in our Bibles could be literally translated as “holy-ized.”  Made holy.  Set apart.  It happens at the point of salvation, but then is also a continuing process of becoming more of Christ and less of ourselves.  It’s not about perfection, but about commitment, living in repentance, and continual renewal.  And somehow the further on we get as followers of Christ, the more far-off from perfection we realize we are, and more in need of grace.  I love this quote from the book:

…As to an absolute literal perfection, the most eminent saints of God in every age have always been the very last to lay claim to it! On the contrary, they have always had the deepest sense of their own utter unworthiness and imperfection. The more spiritual light they have enjoyed the more they have seen their own countless defects and shortcomings. The more grace they have had the more they have been “clothed with humility”  — J. C. Ryle

 That’s why we need Jesus!  That’s why we need to cling to his grace and daily devotion to him.  He has rescued me, ransomed me, and he’s making me holy.  He is set apart as Lord in my heart.

Set Apart – sheet music

Set Apart – Teaching Recording

Set Apart – studio recording – from my album, Higher Ground

(This video was posted on YouTube by the site that sells my CDs.  Cool, I didn’t even realize they were doing that.  Subscribe to that channel if you want to get all the tunes.)


Set apart
Born of promise
Given life
A new name
Stars of light
Shine within us
Treasure in
Jars of clay

We’re set apart
Jesus as Lord
Is reigning in our hearts
We’re bathed in blood
Redeemed in mercy
We’ve been set apart

Poisoned lives
We were dying
Ruined fields
Souls decayed
You reached out
From the heavens
You stooped down
Made us great

Darkened sky
Over hilltop
One man hangs
Torn in pain
Set apart
For this hour
Ransomed us
From the grave

Trumpets sound
We are gathered
All those born
Of his grace
Set apart
Called by his voice
We’ll see him
Face to face

D   /   D   /   G   /   A
D   /   D   /   G   /   A

D   /   A   /   G   /   A
D   /   A   /   G  A  /   D

6 Comments on “Set Apart”

  1. Js says:

    Hi first of all I do appreciate what you’re doing with this website. I would however, like to leave a suggestion. For many of us, we use this to also help in our music ministry as well. It would be even more helpful if the cord charts and the song lyrics pages were combined as one. Let me give you an example: do you have the lyrics for because he loved me on one sheet but yet you have the cords him to court charts listed separately. For charts are traditionally cords with the lyrics on one sheet is there a way that you can combine the two for many of us for learning how to do this, it’s too hard to figure out what songs go to what chords and if we have the right stuff and then to come try to figure out the cord somewhere the goal of the lyrics and sometimes I just never get it. So if you can do that that would be very helpful thanks and have a great day.

    • jbriancraig says:

      Thanks for the comment, Js! Yes I absolutely need to get everything into lyrics+chords format. I have a few songs in that format; and I will be working on getting them on the site.

  2. disciplern says:

    Hey Brian,
    What a beautiful song. I’ve been kind of dry lately, needing some musical inspiration and I heard this song. It lifted my spirits and inspired me to write and to keep fighting to be set apart for Christ.We just registered to the “Reach” conference.

    • jbriancraig says:

      Thanks for always being so encouraging Michael! I appreciate all your songs and your great heart for worship!

  3. SONIA VAZQUEZ says:

    Hello Brian…
    After this evenings sermon, “Set Apart” came to mind. Looking for a recording of it on YouTube and googling the lyrics led me here! Hope all is well!
    Sonia Vazquez

    • jbriancraig says:

      Thank you for your note! I don’t think I have a lyric video for that on on YouTube, and the video that was automatically generated by my music distributor looks like is gone. SO I’ll make one today, and thank you for making me aware of it. That’s a timely song about our identity in Christ! Please send me a link to the sermon, if you have it…

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