Then Sings My Soul

Then Sings My SoulMy region of the LA Church of Christ recently had a great worship ministry workshop to start out the year.  We called the event “Then Sings My Soul” (click here for photo album) and had lots of great practical teaching and group discussions on various areas of worship ministry.  The schedule for the day is posted below, and I hope to have recordings of the various portions available on this blog soon.

The title of the even was taken from a line in the great old hymn, “How Great Thou Art.”  In prepping for the workshop I really enjoyed rediscovering this great song.  I might have been a bit overdone in the 70’s or in your particular religious background but hey, this is a great tune!  The message of the words really captures the heart of worship –our soul crying out how great our God is.  And worship is not just something that happens on Sunday morning.  It’s a posture of the soul.  I love how the song talks about having the response of worship when looking at God’s creation, when considering what Jesus did on the cross, and when considering his return.  Below is a video of my version of the song, which we sang at the workshop.

“Then Sings My Soul”
CLA Worship Ministry Workshop
9-9:20 – Registration, refreshments, set up simple sound
– Fellowship, people sign up for lunch groups
– Agenda printed up
9:20-9:40 – Worship Set – Brian
Encourage My Soul (OC version)
You Are My Everything
Praise the Lord O My Soul
10,000 Reasons
How Great Thou Art
9:40 – Welcome and Prayer – Tim
 – Explain the day
9:50-10:25 –  “Then Sings My Soul” Teaching/Sharing  Session
(5-7 min each)
– Spirituality – Dwight
– Building Team – Paulette
– Preparation – Kristin
-Removing Distractions – Gina
-Creating Flow – Brian
10:30 – 10:35 – Break
10:35-11:35 – Workshops
Vocal parts teaching session – Cy and Lindsay
Heart of Production class (outside) – Jason and Gina
Musicianship class (outside) – Edmon and Jerry
11:40-12:00 – Lunch served
12-1:00 – Breakout Lunch Groups (no more than 10 people each)
– Dance and drama – Gina
– Using music to impact the community – Paulette
– Engaging youth in worship – Edmon
– Basics of being a worship vocalist – Dwight
– Troubleshooting production – Dave and Ben
– Building diversity in songs – Pat
1-1:05 – Come back together
1:05-1:45 – Presentation from each group on findings (5 min each)
– flip-charts and markers
1:45-1:50 – Break
1:50-2:05 – Using Planning Center Online – Patrick
2:05-2:45 – New song demos (by sign up)  – Edmon
(original songs, new worship songs, or new arrangements
of existing songs presented by individuals or small teams)
2:45 – 3:00 – Close out / thank you’s / future plans – Brian
How Great is Our God / Then Sings My Soul

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