Everything is Possible (2nd posting)

everything is possibleThe summer finally comes to a close and it’s been a great one for us and our family.  Had a lot of great worship opportunities – doing music for the ICMC, youth camp, done a couple concerts, and we continue to have a great time with our regular Sunday services in my local church family.  On a side note, I’m also starting a new band project doing some non-worship music (well, everything is worship, right?), stuff that would work on a film, TV commercial, or Venice Beach coffee shop, which is were we just played a short gig trying out some of our material.  Look in the future for stuff by “ties to the light” – we landed on that band name, taken from lyrics in one of our songs.

Anyway, for the blog post today I thought I would share a video of this song I wrote a while back with the studio version along with lyrics.  It’s called “Everything is Possible” and the lyrics are taken from Isaiah 40, one of my favorite passages of scripture.  The end of the video has credits for this recording; it’s from my album “The Whole World Will Know.

Also see this earlier post of the song along with background about writing it and a live version of the song.

And check out my friend Michael Aggabao’s version of the song.

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