Planning Conference Worship: Ross Lippencott

Ross Lippencott is a gifted singer, songwriter, guitar player who has also worked in church ministry for a long time. He was instrumental in planning much of the worship at the recent “World Discipleship Summit” in which around 11 thousand Christians from around the world participated. We have an interesting conversation about his personal history in music as well as all that went into planning the congregational singing for the conference. We discuss such things as:

  • Key objectives he considered in planning the conference music
  • Important values we should hold to in our worship teams
  • Ways we can bring the gospel to artsy people
  • How generational dynamics can play into worship ministry

One Comment on “Planning Conference Worship: Ross Lippencott”

  1. Tracey Keas says:

    Good morning brother and how are you doing and feeling. This statement ie for you and your family. Michael and I are in the West and we are working with Steve and Carie. God bless you brother. And our hearts are with you. Take care, Love, Tracey Keas

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