I Need Your Love – Reggae Version

Hey folks.  Last week on my video conversation about Sunday morning set up I had mentioned a song we had done the day prior (which had ended up taking more time in rehearsal than I thought it would) – a reggae version of my song “I Need Your Love.”  I thought this week I would share the demo version of the song I threw together for our team.  It turned out being really fun, and the church followed along well.

I Need Your Love -reggae version

G / G / C / D

C / D / G / Em

Making new arrangements of old familiar songs is a great way to bring freshness to a worship set while still making it easy for the church to connect and sing.  Do you have any cool versions of songs you do?  I would love to hear them!

2 Comments on “I Need Your Love – Reggae Version”

  1. Pakde Memet says:

    Love this song.. GBU brother

  2. […] feel of all the songs we did.  We did a reggae version of “I Need Your Love” (also see earlier post with a full demo of that).  We did an acoustic version of “Surely Goodness” which also has a reggae […]

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