Praise Medley (from Sun)

Hey guys, interesting times to be a worship leader, huh?  It has been cool seeing the streaming services of different services in our fellowship of churches over the last week (from yesterday and the week before).  I keep hearing that the efforts we are making to connect people in worship (even online) are so important right now.  I wanted to share a medley we did yesterday in our little home-based service we streamed out to hundreds of people — it was cool to hear feedback people were belting it out at home!  And the “birds” analogy I share on video here seemed to connect — maybe it’s something you might share if you are one of the people helping people worship from wherever they are.  Praying for you all, for our country, for our global village and the battle we are waging.  Love you!

Praise Medley (in E): We Praise Thee O God / Praise the Lord O My Soul / Great Are You Lord

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