My Hope is Built

solid rockLast week I posted something about pitching songs right and mentioned we were going to try the song “Cornerstone” in the key of E next time we sang it and I’d let you know how it went.  We did so yesterday with a group of about a thousand people (what we call a “regional service” with several groups coming together) and it went great.  We made a medley of that song along with my version of “My Hope is Built” (the hymn that the lyrics of “Cornerstone” are based on) and part of the song “Amazed” which is one of our congregation’s favorites.  Perhaps next week I can make a quick video for you of the three songs together, but for today here is my version of “My Hope is Built.”  I love singing this song with this groove.  Our group really belts it out.  And with such deep words it never gets old.

My Hope Is Built – the version that appears on my latest CD, Higher Ground.

3 Comments on “My Hope is Built”

  1. I really like this arrangement Brian. It’s easily one of my favorite songs on your “Higher Ground” album.

    The mid-week worship group that I help out with has performed this arrangement of this song a few times for Campus Midweek, and everyone seems to enjoy it. I think transposing the song down to the key of E makes it easier to sing.

  2. Daniel Smith says:

    I’m really interested in how this medley goes. We might try it in San Diego in the coming weeks. Or teen camp this might be perfect!

    • jbriancraig says:

      Hey Daniel – the medley went really well. We did my arrangement of “My Hope is Built,” key of E, then went right into “Cornerstone” in that same key, then into chorus and bridge of “Amazed.”

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