The Voice of the Church

There are things God is teaching us right now for sure. Some of what we might tend to think the church is have been stripped away. The church is not a building (can’t rent a space right now or use a building if you own one). It’s not an event (not even a YouTube livestream). It’s a community. A fellowship. A familyAs a worship leader, I really miss the worshipful voice of that family!  We’ve been making virtual videos.  Lately we’ve been streaming a worship service out of my garage all live every Sunday, with me and a couple other “masked singers” (well, we take the masks off when we sing). But I’m not really a natural performer — I’m a song leader.  I need to hear the church singing!  [Years ago I only started making YouTube videos in order to share my songs (like this one) with the church for their collective voice.]

We were talking yesterday about this and how much we miss being all together to sing, talking about how recordings from our former services often don’t even capture the voice of the church, and I was reminded of these recordings and thought I would share them again. Back in 2016 some church leaders got together for some meetings, I got to lead them in worship, and I thought I might as well record it. The digital recorder I was using was a new piece of technology to me and I accidentally recorded through its internal microphones in the back of the room instead of the cables that connected it to the sound board. The cool thing is really captured the collective voice of everybody singing, and it became one of my favorite recorded memories –I love listening back to everybody singing.

Here is the original post with the recordings – give it a listen if you’re missing the voice of the church singing like I am! For now I’m trying to learn to sing softer, to quiet my soul, yet to worship deeper. I’ll learn what I can from thim time.  But I can’t wait till we can all be together and sing again.


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