How to Play Swing 16ths

Hey everyone – Today I’m continuing to share thoughts via video on different topics that have to do with worship ministry. This video has a topic that might seem to serve a pretty narrow audience but this is definitely something that makes a big difference to your groove, something I have noticed a lot of younger worship leaders could benefit from —how to play swing 16ths!

  • I talk through a quick explanation of what “swing” is
  • What swing 8ths are and the the feel created from them
  • What swing 16ths are, several examples, and how to practice them

[Sorry – I streamed live and seems like my internet connection wasn’t great but the sound is ok after a min or two so you definitely get the idea!]

Direct link to video

3 Comments on “How to Play Swing 16ths”

  1. Carlos Pino says:

    Thank you so much for sharing this concept!! will definitely be practicing it next time i play my guitar . also thank you for posting the teaching recordings too

  2. Verkeys Francis says:

    I have been guilty go straightening up ‘anchor for the soul’

    Thank you for sharing

    • jbriancraig says:

      Haha, like to hear it! My best friend Marshall Mead does Anchor for the Soul really straight, whereas I tend to do swing 16ths on that one.

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