His Hands – alternative version

For our recent Father’s Day service I wanted to use a song I wrote quite a few years ago (see this post) but the spot in our worship order line up called for something with a more intimate / meditative vibe.  I decided to do this rearrangement of the song to fit more of the feel we wanted.

I get asked sometimes what is the “right way” to do a particular song I’ve written.  Fact is, I don’t consider there to be a “right way.”  There might be a way I like to do it, but when it comes to congregational songs I have written, one of the things I greatly enjoy is seeing a song taken in a variety of different directions.  I love seeing recordings people post of their version of one of my songs and the range of expression when done by different teams.  When it comes to our own team, when we adopt different gospel or contemporary Christian songs written by other songwriters for our worship service, we often “make it our own,” figuring out what works best with our team and our congregational dynamic.  Even my own songs I like to try in different ways for different worship settings or at different times, so I thought this would be an example I could share of doing something different with one of my own songs.

Hope you enjoy it.  And please share with me any different takes you have on worship songs –mine or others.’  God bless!

His Hands – slow demo

Chords:  G   /   G    /   F   /    C

His Hands – sheet music

3 Comments on “His Hands – alternative version”

  1. Charissa Hicks says:

    Awesome song Brian!

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  3. […] posted way back in 2010 here.  It’s also a song where we’ve done different versions (here is a more meditative version, here is a really upbeat EDM version!).  It’s such a simple tune it lends itself to trying […]

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