Medley: I Need Your Love / Shadow of Your Wings

i need your love shadow wingTo start the year off, I preached a sermon on prayer, and all of the songs in the worship service were prayers to God.  As part of the worship set we sang a medley of these two prayer songs I’d written, the first one about 20 years ago and the second one just a couple years ago.  I used the groove of “Shadow of Your Wings” for both.  I made a demo recording for our worship team to be able to prepare and thought I’d share it with you for your own listening / downloading enjoyment or if you’d like to do the same arrangement some time.  By the way, Shadow of Your Wings was written on ukulele (see this earlier post), but most Sundays I just play guitar.  So this is a good demo to use if you would like to use the song and want to hear it on guitar instead of ukulele.  Happy New Year!

I Need Your Love – Shadow of Your Wings demo


G    D     /   G    /   C   Em   /    D
G   D/F#   /  Em  /   C     D     /    G

C     Em   /   D     /   G    D/F#   /   Em
C     Em   /    D     /     G      /     G/F
C     Em   /   D     /   G    D/F#   /   Em
C     Em   /   D    /   G      C/G     /    G


Em    D   /    G    C
Em    D   /    C    D

G    D   /    C      D
G    D   /   Em    C

2 Comments on “Medley: I Need Your Love / Shadow of Your Wings”

  1. Vanessa Adams says:

    Thanks for sharing this Brian! The first song, “I Need Your Love”, had been a favorite since I was a baby Christian. My disciples and close friend, Janella, and I would start each weekly d-time with singing that song. For over six months, we sang that song together every week. It reminds me of a great time in my life, and always brings me back to a pure love for God. I didn’t realize you wrote it, so thank you for that. 🙂 Again, thank you for all you do for God’s Kingdom! Combining these into a shared melody is a nice touch.

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