Prepare a Place for You

star.001Hello guys, just a quick post on this Monday morning.  I thought I would share a song I wrote for Easter many years back called “Prepare a Place for You,” based on some of the things Jesus told his followers in the days leading up to his death, burial, resurrection and ascension.  I think his words still apply today.  May they encourage you!  (A note about this recording – it’s from my CD “Remain in Me” which is a collection of songs from Jesus’ perspective to us.  All the songs on this album were recorded as live performance, without sequencing, quantizing or programming, so it has a kind-of live feel. My friend Peter Wade played the drums and I tracked all the other instruments.)

Prepare a Place for You

Prepare a Place for You

This land is suffering
From the curse of darkness
And desperate pain
My healing hands they’ve broken
Dark clouds gather here
Sun and brightness disappear

I have called you friends
We’ve walked along life’s dips and bends
And I’ve taught you what real love is
And I’ll always be with you
Though now I leave your shallow view

Now I go
To prepare a place for you
The way you know
To the father I’ve shown you
Time will end
And we’ll fly away my friend
To a world made new
So now I’m going to
Prepare that place for you

You will have my name
And though the dark clouds
May bring rain
Remember I am with you
And when you’re torn and bruised
Remember I went through it too
For you

And on that day you’ll run
Into my open arms
Beneath a dying sun
And a sky of falling stars
Time will end
And we’ll fly away my friend
To a world made new
So now I’m going to
Prepare that place for you

3 Comments on “Prepare a Place for You”

  1. Susan Parra says:

    Thank you for the encouragement!

    Sent from my iPhone


  2. Adrian Martinez says:

    Do you have the chord charts for this song? I’d like to sing this with a brother playing the guitar. It sounds like there are A, E, G, C, Bm chords but I can’t piece it together.

    Thanks for all you do bro!

    • jbriancraig says:

      Hey thanks for asking – I actually don’t have a chart written out for this one and I might need to make a video or something cause it would be good to show how to play it, at least the verses. I start with an A2 (just two fingers on the strings) and then slide the two fingers up a few frets to make a major 7 chord. And then you go to a D and do something with that one too. I wrote it a long time ago (I think almost 25 years ago!) when I was learning / experimenting with the guitar.

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