Congregational Reading – Helping Your Church Worship

Hey guys, happy Monday!  Reminding the congregation about bringing their best to God in worship is something that we will continually need to return to in our teaching — just like grace, devotion, one-another relationships, evangelism, and other spiritual disciplines.  I notice in our church that we do better for a while, and then we need another reminder now and then.

One ancient practice that helps a congregation to get in a worshipful mindset you might try as part of a Sunday service is congregational reading.  This is still practiced in every Jewish synagogue on weekends — responsive reading of the torah by those gathered.  We were finding people were talking too much during singing and a couple weeks ago we simply read a praise scripture together before we sang a great old song based on the passage.  It made a real difference both that week and in the weeks that followed, just making a few comments and then reading together.  Give it a try and leave a comment if it goes well  [see the video below for what we did].

God bless!


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