Angels We Have Heard on High (repost)

Hello everyone, today I’m sharing again a demo recording I originally posted about 6 years ago. I still really enjoy this arrangement. We’re putting on a huge Christmas play production this weekend called “Night at the Nativity” and this arrangement is included. We also sang it yesterday at our service.

I love this scene from the Christmas story depicted by this song, ordinary shepherds, nothing special, but chosen to witness an incredible angelic display as word become flesh and heaven and earth collided. Hidden from the emperors and kings and prominent figures of Roman society our Lord’s birth is heralded to the lowly. Kind of like you and me and what we get to see and hear. How lucky we are to get to “come to Bethlehem and see…”

Here it is again:

Angels We Have Heard On High – demo recording

Angels We Have Heard – Teaching Recording

Chord Chart:

(JBC version)

E / B / E/G# A / B
E / B / E/G# A / B

E / B E / E / B E
E / B E / E / B E

E c#min / f#min B
c#min A / B
E / B
E c#min / f#min B
c#min A / B
E / B

c#min / c#min / A / A
E / E / B / B

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