Island Versions of a Few Congregational Songs

Hey guys, quick post today.  My congregation did an outdoor worship service a few weeks ago at a cool place called “Seaside Lagoon” to close out the summer.  We made it a Luau with Hawaiian food and did “island style” versions of all the congregational songs.  Here is a sound recording I sent out for rehearsal that goes through the feel of all the songs we did.  We did a reggae version of “I Need Your Love” (also see earlier post with a full demo of that).  We did an acoustic version of “Surely Goodness” which also has a reggae groove.  There is a version of “I Have Decided” in the style of Hawaiian singer Jack Johnson.  We did a reggae version of “Victory Chant” (aka “Hail, Hail Lion of Judah”), and finally “Jesus Will Fix” it with reggae groove.  I’m sharing this 7 and 1/2 min demo recording in case it sparks ideas for you or your team to do any of these.  They were all fairly easy and lots of fun and the church really enjoyed the time!

Seaside Lagoon songs



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