Hear Them Singing – International Video Project

THANKS to all those that contributed audio for this project. We are now on to the VIDEO phase of the project. Here is a video explaining what is needed and more detailed instructions are below. Should be an awesome time together this summer!

We are in the final stage of creating something that I truly believe God will use to encourage and inspire many people all around the world. Here are the steps for filiming your portion of the Hear Them Singing music video collaboration…

After hearing which parts of the song your vocals/instrumentation have been included in the final cut of audio, prepare to sing/play those parts in a fun, exciting, natural way.

Find a scenic place that best represents your area or country, and set up to film your parts there.

Get your hands on an High Definition quality video camera (or 2 would be best). A lot of smart phones have the HD capability these days, so it should prayerfully not be too difficult to get your hands on a device that can film HD quality. Hire 2 or more other willing brothers or sisters to help in being your camera men/women.

4) FILM:
Get takes of at least 2 angles of you singing/playing your parts of the song. This can be accomplished either with 2 or more cameras filming you simultaneously or 1 camera filming you do your piece in 2 seperate takes, each at 2 seperate angles.

*One angle, the landscape, showcases the scenery around you, and the beauty of your country.

*The second angle, the portrait, showcases you or your group of brothers/sisters, and helps the audience connect with you as individuals.

***Important: Film 3 raw takes of each angle so that, as we edit the video, we have some options to work with and are able to get the best results. (So, basically you would submit a total of 6 videos, 3 takes of the landscape angle and 3 takes of the portrait angle).

Both angles of raw footage will need to be uploaded to http://www.dropbox.com (which I will email a link out to everyone shortly before the deadline so we are all using the “Hear Them Singing” folder), where the production team will then be able to pull from and edit them to fit in to the collaborative music video!

What you will need at the filming site:

*A stereo, a smart phone, or laptop that you can transport to the scenic location, and that can amplify the song loud enough (or listen to on headphones) for you to sing/play along with it while on camera.)

*Videographers, willing and able volunteers to film the 2 angles and assure that the content is good quality.

It is important to note that you will not need to be concerned about how you sound in your video, because the audio that you have already created will be what the audience will hear. It is most important that your movements are synced with the sounds, so focus more on having a good time and showing your personality than on trying to sound perfect.

We have had to make some adjustments to deadlines with the delay of our final cut of audio, so contrary to previous updates, the due date for your raw video submission is Thursday, May 10th.

Thanks again for all of your hard work on making this awesome! Please contact me with any questions.
Much love,


___________________ EARLIER POST _______________________

Hello brothers and sisters!

As you have heard by now, those that are a part of the International Churches of Christ (as many of us as possible) are going to be gathering in San Antonio Texas for the World Discipleship Summit in the summer of 2012.

We wanted to put something special together for the conference – a video of disciples from our churches around the world singing the same song.  If you are part of a worship team from one of our churches – particularly those outside the US.  We are asking for your help with this project.  We have decided to use the song “Praises Heard Around the World.”

The project will take place in two phases.  (We have to do it this way because unfortunately we can’t send an A/V team out to where you are, but how cool that the Internet and other modern tools make this possible!)  First, in the audio phase, we will collect as much audio as we can of you singing, playing instruments, making recordings of your group singing along with a basic track of the song.  Secondly, after that audio has been all mixed together into one international recording, we will need you to make a video (with any digital video camera) of your team singing / playing along to the master track that has been created.  We are trying to assemble all the audio by the beginning of 2012, so please get that part done as quickly as possible.

Below are resources (sheet music, lyrics, chord chart, a recording that teaches the harmonies) and a video with instructions of how to make this happen.

The song is organized in the style of a caller / response.  Feel free to record BOTH parts (you don’t have to just echo the recording of my part.  Also feel free to translate into your native language, if you have someone on your team with the skills to do that (I know it is quite an art and can be difficult.)  Jaime Turish has done a Spanish translation and that is posted below.

For any of the files below, right click and do “save as” to download and save the file to your computer.

Praises Heard Around The World – sheet music with chords

Praises Heard – Teaching Recording – this recording teaches how to sing the harmony parts

Praises Heard Around the World – lyrics

Praises Heard Around The World – Spanish lyrics

Praises Heard Around the World – studio recording

Praises Heard Around the World – Spanish recording

Praises Heard – acoustic and percussion – recording of acoustics and percussion only

Here are steps outlined by Russell Kirkpatrick, who is leading the way on this project, and they are also described in the video above.  Please add a comment to this posting if you have any questions.

1. LISTEN to Praises Heard Around the World…

*Go to soundcloud.com and log in as “hearthemsinging” with password, “praisehim” to hear J Brian Craig’s original recording of his song.


*After you have practiced along with the song, record your vocals or instrumentation on a software program like garage band. Make sure you are listening to the song as you record your part so it will coincide, and feel free to express yourself in your unique talent all the way through the song, since we will later have a team of editors create splice pieces of it together.

3. UPLOAD your track on to soundcloud.com


*After the audio production is edited and completed, we will post it to soundcloud.com for everyone to hear which pieces of their own recording are included in the finished song. Then, each artist will need to get help from others to have themselves filmed while performing their part at a scenic location that best represents their country, area, or church.

5. EDITING will take place to pull together all elements to create a music video that will prayerfully played at the World Summit in San Antonio next July.

Please, if you are interested in contributing, then have your submission recorded and posted by Jan 1.

Any questions, contact:

Russ Kirkpatrick    russelljkirkpatrick@gmail.com

6 Comments on “Hear Them Singing – International Video Project”

  1. Devon Sparks says:

    I’m getting ready to record our audio contribution to the International Singing video. Can you knidly say what’s the tempo (bpm) of the song “Praises heard Around the World”.


    Devon Sparks

    Song Leader – Jamaica

    • jbriancraig says:

      That’s awesome bro! You guys will show how it should be done, I’m sure – can’t wait to hear it! The tempo is 105 bpm (and key of B). If you are able to sing along with one of the tracks posted on the soundcloud website listed in this posting that would make synchronization the most possible. I’ll email you a track with just the drums in case you want to use that like a click track. Thanks so much!

  2. Danie Nel says:

    Only heard about his today – past deadline – Justin Renton from JCOC let me know- but at least I’ll be able to get an instrumental on tonight – some Afro-guitar parts, I think.

    We have such good female vocalists here in Cape Town, I wonder if you could hold on to Sunday, so I can get their vocals down? Also our pianist is quite special. (we have a great band here, praise God) – also a harmonica player….

  3. Danie Nel says:

    How are things going with the project?

    • jbriancraig says:

      It’s encouraging – currently we have singing in Tagolog, Swahili, Hawaiian, Frence, Spanish, and I think Russian and Arabic – really cool how God is working with the project. I can’t wait to see the finished video, and I so appreciate Russ Kirkpatrick, Bob Ghoman, and the other brothers and sisters who are working to make this happen.

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