The Other Side – Music Samples

The Other Side - CDHello everyone, here are some samples of what I have been working on the last few years, coming together in this new release called “The Other Side.”  For a limited time you can help fund the project and receive an autographed copy by clicking on my Go Fund Me project here:

Here are samples of most of the songs on the project.  Do a right-click of the file name to save to your computer, or you should be able to click the play button and stream the audio on your phone or computer.

The Other Side – music samples

Here is what the play list will be on the CD.  Most of these were written for congregational singing.  A couple (“Bent on Conquest,” and “Breakthrough”) were written for conferences.  One is a congregational song written by my good friend Betty Collins, “You Are My Everything.”  Several are in the new “Songs of the Kingdom” book, but I hadn’t released any recordings of these yet.  The versions on the CD aren’t the only way to do these songs by any means, but I had fun recording them the last few years.  (Side note, one of my biggest grins is in hearing how different song leaders or worship teams interpret different songs I’ve written!)

Greater Worth Than Gold
Home with You
You Are My Everything
Shadow of Your Wings
White as Snow
Shine Your Light
Even Greater Things
Bent on Conquest
Lord of Heaven’s Armies
The Other Side
We Make It Our Goal to Please Him
He’s Got the Future
God Our Father


7 Comments on “The Other Side – Music Samples”

  1. Vanessa Adams says:

    EEEEKK!! I’m so excited! This is such a great collection! I love that Betty’s song is on it too! Yay!! I have to admit I’m a sucker for the upbeat sound of Shine Your Light. 🙂
    Thanks for all you do to help us worship God with cheerful hearts!

  2. Vanessa Adams says:

    By the way: that cover image rocks!

  3. I bought the album at the Reach conference and listened to it on the drive back. I was looking forward to hearing Shine Your Light, Shadow of Your Wings, and Especially Bent On Conquest. And those recordings were quite good, but the highlights of the album were the unexpected songs.

    You Are My Everything is being featured more and more in worship in Denver, so it was great to hear a recording on it here. I really liked the 70’s Rock vibe of We Make It Our Goal to Please Me and the Gospel feel of the titular track. But my favorite song on the album was He’s Got The Future. It’s exactly the type of song I want to write on a regular basis; lyrics and structure straight from a 1920’s Gospel Blues standard, but with creative and modern additions, like the synth solo.

    You did an excellent job with the CD Brian!

  4. bittencourtjorge says:

    Hi Brian! Thanks for this good work. I bought your CD and am eager to listen to it. I found the lyrics for all the songs except He’s got the future and Lord of Heaven’s Armies. Would you be able to send those to me or point me to where they are posted? Thank you so much.

    • jbriancraig says:

      Thanks so much for supporting the music! I will email you the lyrics for those songs as I don’t think I have them posted yet. Hopefully I’ll get those up soon.

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