Shadow of Your Wings

Youth Camp Worship 2014 bHey guys!

Spent an amazing week at our annual LA Youth Camp last week.  We do four nights of worship with all the campers about 45min to an hour every night.  It is always such an incredible time, hearing all the voices of the campers praising God with all their hearts – jumping and singing, lifting hands, dancing with joy.  This year was the first impromptu conga line ever at youth camp, during “Praises Heard Around the World.”

I wrote a new song about a month ago and introduced it at Youth Camp and the kids really grabbed onto it.  We sang it on three of the nights, but it was also cool to hear campers singing it all around camp all through the week.  Thought I would share it with you all today.

It’s called “Shadow of Your Wings,” based on Psalm 57.  I’ve been going through Psalms in depth in the NLT version and I’ve had two new songs come out of that so far.  This one just popped right out of the text.  David is on the run for his life at this point, hiding in a cave, starts off anxious and focused on the dangers around him but as he puts his trust in God he is eventually able to say twice “my heart is steadfast; I will sing and make music.”

Hope you enjoy the song and it helps you to put your trust in God in same way David did.

Here is a demo recording, with ukulele, cajon, and keys
Shadow of Your Wings – demo

Here is a video of the song


(Psalm 57)

In the shadow of your wings
Till danger passes by
In the shadow of your wings
I cry out to you, Most High

Have mercy on me
I need protection
Send help to rescue me
The lion’s roaring
The spears and swords bring
My spirit to my knees

Be exalted above the heavens
May your glory shine
My enemy sets a trap for me but
Close to you I’ll hide

My heart is strong and
I’ll wake the dawn and
Thank you Lord in song
I’ll sing your praises among the nations
Your love is faithful, God


Em D / G C
Em D / C D

G D / C D
G D / Em C

3 Comments on “Shadow of Your Wings”

  1. Douglas Edwards says:

    Interestingly, I was reading this Psalm a week ago, and I was considering writing a song based on it, but it looks like you beat me to the punch!

    I really dig that demo recording! I love the contrast between the high register of the ukulele and the lower register of the keys. Good job Brian!

    • jbriancraig says:

      Cool bro – thanks for the comment! Go ahead and write the song though! Post it and send me a link – love to hear it.

      • Thanks for the encouragement Brian! It really gave me a push to really expand my creative work. I’m almost done with what I came up with (It’s a fusion of Psalm 57 and Psalm 56) but I feel that God has put it on my heart to share a Worship Medley Mash up idea. Ever heard of this song by NewWorldSon?
        It reminds me a ton of your new song, Shine Your light (The lyrics, the chords, the slight Island feel)
        So I was thinking that you could make an arrangement that would flow…something like… Learning to Be the Light, Shine Your Light, People Helping People, and…perhaps a fourth song.
        Anyways, I want to thank you for how you’ve been so selfless with your creative talents! I’ve been learning that the hard way, and your music really has helped with that. May God continue to bless you through music!

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