Emptied All

Some think that Philippians 2:6-11 was an early hymn sung by the church, so I though it would be really cool to write a modern worship song using that section of scripture as the chorus. My exegesis of the surrounding passages led me to an idea that the hymn represented the center of a chiastic structure in Paul’s thought:

.  a Paul’s struggle (Phil 1:20-24)
.      b Paul’s relationship with the Philippians (Phil 1:25-30)
.          c Philippians’ relationships with each other (Phil 2:1-4)
.                d Example of Jesus (Phil 2:5-11)
.           c’ Philippians’ relationships with each other (Phil 2:12-15)
.      b’ Paul’s relationship with the Philippians (Phil 2:16)
.  a’ Paul’s struggle (Phil 2:17-18)

Here is a basic recording of the song.  Below that are the lyrics and a paper that provides more study of the biblical passage.

Emptied All – band demo

Philippians 2, 1-11 – Having the Mindset of Christ – paper


Verse 1
(from Philippians 2:1-5)
All that we’ve been given
Every blessing in Christ
we share
We should be like-minded;
We should be one
No selfish ambition
Putting others above ourselves
We’ll look to Jesus
in our minds

(from Philippians 2:6-11)
Emptied all,
though He was fully divine
To the cross
humbled Himself,
there to die
So exalted be His name,
lifted high
He is Lord
Jesus is Lord
Jesus is Lord

Verse 2
(from Philippians 2:14-18)
So easy to argue
So easy to grumble, but
If we think like Jesus,
we’re gonna shine
Like stars in the heavens,
Holding on to the word of life
Though we be poured out
in sacrifice

Verse 3
(from Philippians 3:13-21)
Forget what’s behind us
Straining forward
to what’s ahead
We’re focused on a
heavenward prize
Not like those around us
Their minds set on
earthly things
We’re waiting for our
heavenly King

Verse 4
(from Philippians 4:4-9)
Be always rejoicing
Believing the Lord is near
And with thanksgiving
we will pray
Peace past understanding
Will be guarding our
hearts and minds
Whatever you think,
think like Christ

3 Comments on “Emptied All”

  1. Bret Krueger says:

    Awesome Brian! Cool catch on the chiasm, I hadn’t noticed that one before. And of course the song is beautiful; deep, but also really catchy. It’s echoing in my head, which I guess is the point, right? Hoping this one will be queued up at the conference next summer. Any chance we could get the chords?

    Bret in Minneapolis

    • jbriancraig says:

      Hey thanks brother! Would be cool to sing it with everyone at the conference (trying to let the younger worship leaders set the table and just help out however they want me but my local group does enjoy singing it). I have some newer probably more accessible songs (not so many words) I’ll probably pitch to the group for the conference – we’ll see. Great to hear from you, here are the chords. I’m still trying to decide if I want to raise the key for my own recording but this key works well for the congregation.

      E Bm / F#m E (repeating)

      E Bm / D A (repeating)

      Bridge “Jesus is Lord”
      E / Bm / D / A

  2. Paul Smith says:

    Just listened to this and absolutely loved it! Found it referenced in the Summer 2021, Vol. 1, #2 of the Telios journal. Thanks for allowing it to be published Brian.


    Jo’burg, South Africa

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