Breakthrough – I Need Thee Every Hour

Happy Monday, fellow worshippers!  I really it’s been a long time since I posted on a Monday, but hoping to get back in the swing of it.  Been really feeling the need for God lately, how about you?  Lost a good friend to a heart attack recently, there has been lots of sickness, troubles in our nation… raising teenagers, building the church, being back in grad school… all this making me feel good and desperate for God!  I’m posting a recording from our first worship service of the year in South Bay, calling out for God’s help, reaffirming these prayers that God would be with us, help us, strengthen us, and that he would be glorified through us and what we offer to him.  May these songs, offered in faith, encourage your own heart to trust in God.


PS. See the chords page and the lyrics page for chords and lyrics for these songs.  By the way, I added a bunch more chords from the last year or two to the chord page, so check that out for newer songs.  Or you can always search the site for something you might be looking for.

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