The World Needs Love

world needs loveJust came back from being with the HOPE Global Summit this past weekend.  It was such a privilege for me get to spend time with wonderful people who have devoted so much of their hearts and lives to serving the poor.  We had some awesome worship on Friday night and Sunday morning, and the sharing on Sunday about the impact the disciples had in the Philippines during the typhoon last year was so moving and inspiring.  I was so blown away by the power of love.  I thought about sharing this song that I wrote and recorded a number of years ago that is about the love I have received and the need to pass it on to others.

The World Needs Love

The World Needs Love

Since the day love came into my life I’ve never been the same
Never talked, never walked, never thought quite the same
Have you been there? Do you know what I’m saying to you, friend?
Love is kind, but love it ain’t so blind, it sees everything
Saw I was wrong and I was to blame
But that’s OK – I found out I was loved anyway

What the world needs now
Is love, sweet love
Give it one, by one
Change will come
The world needs love

Look around – the world has got a frown – what you gonna do?
Gotta help somebody like love has helped you
Stop the violence that’s threatening to tear us apart
Hurts and hunger, driving rain and thunder all are part of life
But when you got love you can make it all right
Give your heart, just love when you don’t know where to start

What the world needs now
Is love, sweet love
Share it one, by one
Change will come
The world needs love

I’ve seen the way that love has saved the day for me every time
Rescues me every step that I slide
Love’s the way, it’s not easy but it’s safe as you climb
You might say you think this is cliché or just a sappy song
In complicated world all gone wrong
But that’s OK – I believe in love anyway

What the world needs now
Is love, sweet love
Give it one, by one
Change will come
The world needs love

Love is patient, enough for every nation
Love is kind, enough to heal the blind
Love don’t envy, it fills you when you’re empty
Love don’t boast, it’s what you need the most
Love ain’t proud, love won’t let you down
Love ain’t rude, it listens when you’re blue
Love’s not selfish, it helps you when you’re helpless
Love ain’t angry, it’s forgiveness never ending
The world needs now, it’s what the world needs now

2 Comments on “The World Needs Love”

  1. Douglas E. says:

    Ah yes, this song, which is my favorite track on “The Whole World Will Know” (Which ties with Remain In Me as my favorite album by you).

    Do you have a chord chart for this song? I can play the verses fine, but there’s one chord that’s towards the end of the Chorus that I can’t figure out.

    • jbriancraig says:

      Cool – thanks for the encouragement – I really got a lot out of putting the “Remain in Me” album together but it’s great to hear about someone else enjoying it. Same with this song. Here are the chords. I play it with a capo on 3 but these are the actual chords. Thanks!


      G / G / Cadd2 / Fadd6

      F / C / F / G
      F / C / Eb / D (break)

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