His Hands

Happy Father’s Day!

The Craig Family

I have the best dad.  He is an elder in the great NY Church.  I’m so blessed to have grown up in a family that put God first.  Dad and mom even packed up and moved the whole family several times over the years to make sure that we were all set up spiritually – with close discipling relationship and a great church family.

They say your view of God is often shaped somewhat by your relationship with your father (for good or bad).  While so many have that as an obstacle to understanding God, I’m so blessed to have been able to understanding God better by having a dad with a great blend of conviction and grace.

Anyway, in honor of Father’s Day I wanted to post a song called “His Hands” about the loving father we ALL share.  We did this song at church yesterday – our group really loves to sing it.  It works well a capella too (there are harmony parts).  Sheet music and additional recordings are below.

Here is the version that appears on my CD, Be with Me, Lord:

His Hands

Here is an a capella recording from a few years back:

His Hands – a capella

Here is the sheet music:

His Hands – sheet music

His Hands

Times are good
Times are bad
A winding road
Shifting sands
But through it all
He understands
He’s in control
It’s in his hands…

Everything’s in his hands
A loving father
Watches over each of us, you know
Everything’s in his hands
Almighty power with a tender touch

See the flower
So beautiful
So richly clothed
He made it so
Like a bird
has food to spare
He’ll meet my needs
because he cares…

Every star
he calls by name
He holds the power
He’ll never change
He hears us cry
He hears us sing
to every prayer
He’s listening…

A curse of sin
on every name
And so to earth
The savior came
He gave his life
a sacrifice
It’s in his hands
He paid the price…

G / G / F / C
G / G / F / C

G / G / F C / F
G / G / F C / G

2 Comments on “His Hands”

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