Anchor for the Soul

We had an amazing time in Miami last week, as leaders from our churches around the world joined together for our annual ILC (International Leadership Conference – view video footage at It was really inspiring and encouraging to hear all the great news and to meet attendees from many different countries on the other side of the world.  We held our annual worship leaders’ conference at the same time, and that was a phenomenal time as well.  We had a time of teaching / learning new songs, and this was a song I shared.  (We also did this song at the SW conference a month or so ago.)  Since that time I’ve had a of requests for the lyrics/chords/sheet music for this, so I thought I’d post it.

To share a little background about the song, I was asked to lead worship for a singles retreat a few years ago called “Beachstock.”  The theme for the retreat was called “Anchor for the Soul.”  When my friend Tony Martin picked me up from the airport he said there wasn’t a theme song for the retreat and asked if I had any ideas.  At this point it was late at night and the retreat started the next day!  I told him I could pray about it and sleep on it and see if God gave me anything.  (I don’t claim direct inspiration in the sense that the gospel writers did or something, but I do feel like God inspires songs, gives them as gifts to me – I’ll write more about that some time.)  Anyway, as we drove to the retreat location, it was pouring down rain and there was lightning all around us.  Most of the singles retreat events were all supposed to be held in an outdoor amphitheater so we prayed that God would give us relief from the storms!  The next morning I woke up with this lyric and melody on my mind, and the weather was gorgeous.

Here is a recording from us singing the song at the SW Christian Conference:
Anchor for the Soul – live at SWCC

Sheet music:
Anchor For The Soul – sheet music


Anchor for the soul,
Shelter from the storm;
Thunder and the lightning
Can be very fright’ning,
But God is in control.
Anchor for the soul,
Shelter from the storm;
Manna in the morning, 
Blessings overflowing,
Leading us to home.

This world’s not my home,
Just a-passing through.
Through this life I wander,
Treasure stored up yonder
Somewhere beyond the blue.
On my way I learn 
Through each path I take.
Every day I’m growing,
On my way I’m knowing
Heaven’s worth the wait.

When the day is gone,
When my journey ends,
Won’t be nothing better
Then to be together 
With all my faithful friends.
We’ll all join in song
Gathered ’round the throne.
There’ll be no more sorrow
Someday when tomorrow
Heaven is our home.

G / G / amin7 / amin7
C / Dsus / G / G
G / G / amin7 / amin7
C / Dsus / G

16 Comments on “Anchor for the Soul”

  1. Jee says:

    Great song, Brian!

  2. Hi Brian!
    Thank you SO MUCH!
    I am eager to hear more about the launch of the new songbook sampler – heard my brother’s song was in there. Where can we get that if we weren’t at the ILC?
    We look forward to adding “Anchor for the Soul” to our song lineup! It is such a great song. Thanks for making it so accessible!!!

  3. Justin says:

    ya, this is a hit…..

  4. Ryan Flynn says:


    This is a great song. Looking forward to playing it in our congregation soon!


  5. Michael Aggabao says:

    This is the song from the conference that made me cry… so moving, I know it was based on hebrews 6 ” certainty of God’s encouraged me and gave me hope for my kids…We performed this 3 weeks ago and we’ll sing it again tom. It’s amazing how the rhythm keeps the song alive..

  6. Ran Park says:


    Thank you so much for writing this song. When I first heard this song yesterday November 7, 2010 at the Sunday service of LA coastal region for singles, campus, and teens, it was so much touching my heart and I couldn’t stop crying. Since after, I was eager to get this lyrics, and so happy to get it now this morning. Tonight we’ll have small celebration with 4 families as a mom & daughter’s dinner party~ and I will write down this lyrics to put it on the board that I made for my daughter with her pictures. It’ll be very special for her and and also will remind God is an anchor for her soul. Thanks again. God blesses you.

    Sister, Ran Park

  7. Vince says:

    I was part of the technical crew at the SWCC, and heard this song.

    I dreamed about the song tonight, and God wouldn’t let me stay in bed. I honestly didn’t even remember your name, the song’s name, or even what it sounded like, so it was a bit difficult Googling. I found the site, found the link to you (“Oh, yeah, that’s him – J. Brian Craig.”), and started scrolling.

    I can’t tell you how wild it is for God to wake you up with a song that you heard months ago, look for it, and then hear it coming out of your studio monitors.

    I said all that to say this – thank you. This paraphrase of the Word set to music has strengthened me and encouraged me during a really rough time.

    • jbriancraig says:

      Thanks for the really encouraging story, Vince. I’m so glad the song could bring you encouragement!

  8. Cambria Rackleff says:

    we sing this song regularly now in Gainesville and it is absolutely beautiful. quickly rising to the top of our favorites list! 🙂

  9. jacob says:

    realy nice song

  10. Ben Akyereko says:

    This song made my day, thanks for writing it, awesome

  11. colleen says:

    This song has been an anchor for my soul. Thank you so much for posting it. I was hoping I could find it online as I was spending time with God.

  12. Cheryll Pereira says:

    We now sing it in our churches in India and is part of our song book.

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