A Faithful Witness

faithful witness moon.001We had a great marriage retreat with the Coastal LA Region this past weekend!  It was great to get away with other couples and spend time with God and each other.  (Our best friends Marshall and Shawn Mead were the guest speakers and did a great job!)  It was a bit of a different marriage retreat than we have had in the past, in that the teaching did not have the usual focus on communication or marital intimacy, but rather was focused on the mission and cause of Christ.  We have been reading this book together, You and Me Forever: Marriage in Light of Eternity, by Francis and Lisa Chan, and that was theme for the weekend.   It was convicting for me personally, in that I can fall into pursuing a comfortable life, a happy family, rather than the glory of God.  Consider this passage from the book,

“He has given us a clear mission –to make disciples.  Yet Christian couples can most typically be found holding hands and skipping through life, ignoring the battle that rages around them. We have made happy families our mission. That is not the mission that Jesus gave us, but we try to justify this idolizing of marriage because it’s what we want.”   –Francis and Lisa Chan, You and Me Forever: Marriage in Light of Eternity

Today I thought I would share the song “A Faithful Witness,” a song I wrote in 2008 for a Southwest Christian Conference.  This song is always a reminder for me what I should be focused on, and who I want to be for Christ.  (It also contains a bit of lyric from the song I shared on my last post, “My Hope is Built,” so I’ll keep that theme going.)  May the song minister to you as well.

A Faithful Witness – sheet music

A Faithful Witness – Teaching Recording – teaches the harmony parts

Here is the version that appears on my worship CD “The Whole World Will Know”:

A Faithful Witness – studio recording

Here is a video of us doing the song live in 2008 at the conference:


Amazing grace, how sweet the sound,
I once was lost but now I’m found.
I once was blind but now I see.
I’ve got to share what you’ve done for me.
Turned my darkness into light.
Turned my blindness into sight.
I can’t help speaking to the world
of what I’ve seen and heard…

A faithful witness
Is what you’re seeking
I can’t help speaking
What you’ve done for me
Of all you gave me
Of how you saved me
A faithful witness I will be

My hope is built on nothing less
than Jesus’ blood and righteousness.
On Christ the solid rock I stand,
all other ground is sinking sand.
I’ll live my life so others know;
the choices that I make will show
that I’ve been giv’n eternal life.
It’s worth all sacrifice…

I took my savior’s hand,
He showed he had a plan
to snatch me from the flame,
and give me a new name.
Though I’d been trapped in sin,
my life began again.
Now that I’ve been set free,
He’s calling me to be…

F#min / F#min /  A   /   A
Bmin / Bmin /   D   /   D
F#min / F#min /  A   /   A
Bmin / Bmin /   D   /   E (break)

A   /   A   /  Esus / Esus
D(add2) / D(add2) / F#min7 /   E
A   /   A   /  Esus / Esus
D(add2) / D(add2) / A / A

E / E / D / D (repeating)

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