God Our Father

God Our Father

It’s amazing how music gives us the ability to remember messages, phrases, words. You ever hear a song come on the radio that you haven’t heard for over a decade but still somehow you remember every word?  The advertising industry obviously takes advantage of this fact to push branding on us.  “And like a good neighbor… ________” (for anyone in America the melody and insurance company name just popped into your head).  I really think this incredible quality of music was given to us by God to help us remember his word.  There are so many places in scripture where a song is used to remember a story or spiritual truth.  There is even this one time when God told Moses to teach the people a song so they would remember it and it would be a witness against them when they would rebel against God (Deuteronomy 31:19 –and it’s quite a long song too).

So whenever I get a chance, I love coming up with melodies that help me remember scripture.  This is a really simple song that came to me a couple weeks ago for remembering the “Lord’s prayer” – a simple and memorable prayer Jesus taught his disciples to show them how to pray (Matt 6:9-13).  I would say I pray through this outline almost every day.   I like how Jesus puts the prayer in corporate language (“our father…forgive us…deliver us“).  Even when I’m praying by myself it helps me to pray with a corporate mindset, for all of the saints around the world.  Here is Jesus’ prayer broken down as reflected in my song, with sample prayer thoughts.  And there is a song demo posted below.  I’ll have to put together sheet music for this and try it it out with our group.  For now I enjoy mumbling it as I go on prayer walks.  Oh, and for the verses I used other scriptural thoughts about prayer and manifestations of God (Father, Son, Holy Spirit).

May this very simple song stick in your head and help your prayer life!

God Our Father – demo

God our Father, up in heaven – God what a privilege to be able to call you Father!  And you are in heaven, you see so differently than we do.  Your perspective is so vast and so great.  Hear our prayer from on high!

Holy be your name – Your name is hallowed, holy, set-apart, glorious. We call on the name you revealed to Moses, YHWH, we reflect on the glory you have brought to your name through all you have done through the centuries.  You live in unapproachable light and yet you call us into a relationship with you.

Kingdom come, your will be done, bring heaven to this plane – Just as your will is done in heaven, may we do your will here on earth.  And in so doing may we partner with you in bringing your kingdom to this lost world.  May your kingdom come to my neighbors, my kids’ friend’s families, the surrounding communities.  May your kingdom come to the lost nations of the world!

Give to us our daily bread – Help me with the needs of today!  You are the omnipotent, omnipresent, eternal God, but I live in today and feel today’s pressures.  Help me with everything that is on my plate.  Help me accomplish what you want me to accomplish today.  Help me not be anxious or worried about tomorrow but take care of what I and my family need today.  Help the disciples around the world who have very real needs today for food, shelter, clothing, or safety.

Forgive us for our sin – Forgive me for all the ways I fall short of your glory.  Forgive me for the ways I fail to be like Jesus.  Forgive me for my pride, my faithlessness, my neglect of your purposes.  For my anger, selfishness, lust for the world.  Thank you for the forgiveness found in the blood of Jesus!

Strengthen us against temptation, don’t let evil win – Lead me today down the path you want me to go.  Deliver me from the evil one’s schemes for me.  Help me to go and do the things you want me to today, and help me to say “no” to the temptations that will try to ensnare me.



God our Father, up in heaven
Holy be your name
Kingdom come, your will be done
Bring heaven to this plane
Give to us our daily bread
Forgive us for our sin
Strengthen us against temptation
Don’t let evil win

Teach us
Show us how to pray
Hear us
Near us
Gathered in your name

Guide us in The Way
You we trust
Speak for us
Words we cannot say

Root us in your love
Protect us
Direct us
Lift our eyes above

God our Father up in heaven
Holy be your name
God our Father up in heaven
Holy be your name

4 Comments on “God Our Father”

  1. cgcfworship says:

    Great song! I can relate- Scripture stays in my head better when it’s set to music.

  2. David Tharp says:

    Love it Brian, what a great way to direct focus in prayer!!

  3. Fabienne DESCOTES says:

    Bonjour Brian – greetings from Lyon, France!
    I love this song, its simplicity, sobriety, gentleness. The fruit of a living walk with God…
    And I believe also very easy to teach to the church!

    If I translate it into French, would you like me to send it to you?

    It was great meeting your brother-in-law Anthony, who was in Lyon for business and came to our house church with his mom.

    God bless and thanks again for sharing all this.

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