Ukulele Worship Songs

ukuleleHey guys, sorry I haven’t posted anything for a few weeks. We have been having a great time with family vacation and then an amazing week of Youth Camp. Got to do lots of music at both but didn’t get time to post.

I ran across this recording though and had been meaning to post this. I’ve been doing more worship these days with ukulele –it works great for a small group or staff meeting. And a few times I’ve used it on a Sunday. Here is a recording of a few songs for a Sunday that was all ukulele songs. It was a Sunday with a particular emphasis on missions and world evangelism so many of the songs have that feel. Songs on the recording:
– I Need Your Love
– Hallelujah (Your Love Makes Me Sing)
– One By One
– He Reigns
– Great Among the Nations
– Go and Make Disciples

Sunday Songs Ukulele

Also here is a one-page sheet with several other songs that work well on ukulele:

Ukulele Worship Songs

On other posts I have featured videos of a few songs with ukulele, here are links to those:

The Spirit’s Fire
I Need Your Love
Shadow of Your Wings
O Rock of Ages

2 Comments on “Ukulele Worship Songs”

  1. Sergio de la Cruz says:

    Hey, Brian. I watched yesterday your video singing The Spirit’s Fire. I was wondering, what is the name of the iPad app you used to create the background? Thank you, bro. Learning a lot with this site.

    • jbriancraig says:

      Hey bro thanks for the comment – it was just Garage Band. It’s fun to play with on the iPad and sketch out song ideas. For example I tracked almost all of “Mountain of the Lord” on the iPad before moving it to a laptop for mix down. God bless!

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