House church home singing mash up – Be with Me Lord

Hey guys, happy Monday.  I hope you are figuring out how to navigate this time well and worship from home, if that’s the situation you are in.  We started out the year with the theme “Doing Life Together” for our small groups — little did we know how this time would really refine us and make us closer.  Our particular small group has a group chat going where we are connecting every day and it’s so encouraging.

I have heard people are using my lyric videos for house church gatherings (which is so cool — never did I envision that when I was writing or recording these so many years ago).  I have made this page to post some of the ones I have now and I’ll work on getting more up in that same place.  I have also had people asking for permission about using my songs.  Just know that I give blanket permission for any use of any of my songs that are for building up the church or serving those in need.  If you are making a blockbuster movie or TV show and want to use my music, I would accept some royalties 🙂

Last week on the last song of our streaming house church service we asked those in our church to take cell video of them singing along over the live stream and send it to us. This video is a mash-up of the videos that were sent in over the top of the original live stream. Brings a smile to my face to see everyone worshipping from their own homes but all of us making music to God together. We do need God to BE WITH US during this time!

2 Comments on “House church home singing mash up – Be with Me Lord”

  1. julieksings says:

    Brian! That is soooo much fun! Julie


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