New CD – The Whole World Will Know

When I first started this blog, it was with the intension of sticking something new on here every Monday.  I have failed miserably in that endeavor this year.  I’ve been humbled by all the inquiries/requests for new posts (wow, people actually read this stuff?).  Please allow me to explain my silence…

I just returned from an incredible Christian conference (the SWCC) in San Diego.  Two highlights were leading 7000 people in worship in the Viejas arena and leading a couple hundred screaming preteen kids in worship in a conference center ballroom.  It was a blast!

Seemingly unrelated topic:  I’ve been wanting to put out a new CD for a while.  I’ve got a boatload of material I either haven’t recorded or don’t have very good recordings of.  Most kind-of fit into two categories — songs about the mission / making an impact in the world, and songs of personal transformation, worship and faith.  I decided to bundle these into two albums and get to work.  The conference gave me a good goal to shoot for as far as getting one of them released.

SO, my point is, that for the last few months every free moment I have I was either working on this CD, or working on this conference.  Hence, I have totally neglected my blog, my facebook friends, (and even my family the last few weeks there).  Anyhow the first of these two CDs is finally done – I had some of them shipped to me at the conference, actually.  

It should be showing up on iTunes and CD Baby within a few weeks.  I’ll probably schedule a CD release party here in LA sometime soon.  The title is “The Whole World Will Know” and here are some samples of each track.  Some awesome musicians helped contribute to this  — Peter Wade (drums and vocals), Malcolm Turner (bass), Makoto Otsuka (electric guitar), Todd Gilmore (electric guitar), Jamie WilliamS (sax), John McLellan (electric guitar), Big City (rap), Paulette Spradlin (vocals), Betty Collins (vocals), Tom Cutting (bass), Tori Dozier (bass) and other singers from my local congregation.

And I recommit myself to posting something every Monday.  Please hold me to it.  God bless!

Praises Heard Around The World – sample
The Whole World Will Know – sample
Rebuild The City – sample
Rejoice – sample
Everything Is Possible – sample
Here Am I Send Me – sample
The World Needs Love – sample
Salt For Salvation – sample
Every Knee Will Bow – sample
A Faithful Witness – sample
People Helping People – sample
For All Generations – sample
By Faith – sample

12 Comments on “New CD – The Whole World Will Know”

  1. Tom Racey says:

    This was on sale at the book table at the conference and I listened to it on the way home. 🙂

  2. John McLellan says:

    Hello my friend. On the next CD, make sure that you spell my name right!!!


    John McLellan (not McLellon).

    • jbriancraig says:

      Oh, how horrible – I feel awful. Sorry bro! I was in such a rush to go to print with the CD artwork… Thanks again so much for the great riffs and amazing tone!

  3. Kari says:

    Thank you so much for taking the time to work with our band… we enjoyed it so much! and am excited to be putting many of the songs we learned into our sunday worship song service… come on back to San Diego anytime!!

  4. Justin says:

    //wipes slobber…

    okay when can i get my grubby little hands on this…..

  5. Bong Aquino III says:

    Dear Brian,

    I got the CD when I attended the Miami conference.
    It is awesome that you came out with another album.
    I hope there will be more…
    The lyrics of your songs very much reflect who we are as disciples and how much we need to be on our mission…
    I really like the track here am i send me…who did the “rap” on the song?

  6. Jan Louie Uy says:

    I love this album so much bro! My wife and I just ordered it and keep on playing it every single day. I love the song “Rejoice” and “Praises Heard Around the World”. Awesome bro! God is glorified! 🙂

    • jbriancraig says:

      Thanks for the encouragement, bro! Great to get feedback. Hey if you get time, love to have you post a review on iTunes or on CD Baby (

  7. the song “praises heard around the world”…is simply awe inspiring. this one will be heard in heaven…

    • jbriancraig says:

      Thanks – my friend Tony Martin wrote that infectious chorus – great song for celebrating the kingdom!

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