His Hands – EDM Version

Good Monday morning!  I recently shared a post about how songs can take different forms in different contexts.  I had an opportunity to use the same song I had used in that post again in a completely different way.  This last week was our annual Youth Camp, and one of the key lessons at camp was about who God is as our father –not a bigger version of our earthly father but a perfect version of our earthy father; not a reflection of our earthly father, but perfection, so I thought this song would be appropriate.  At camp we spend every evening in an extended time of worship, and the kids particularly love songs that allow them to jump around a bit.  So I reworked the song in an EDM form.  I copied the style of Hillsong Young & Free a bit for this one.  Here is the demo:

His Hands – EDM version

I used some multitrack stuff at Youth Camp and uploaded this to Loop Community, so let me know if you are doing any multitrack and would want the stems for this.  They are all set up already.

Here is video of a bit of the kids jumping around to the end of the song.  They loved singing it.








See the earlier post for chord charts and lyrics.

Here is the song book sheet music – this song works great just as a simple a capella song: His Hands – sheet music

2 Comments on “His Hands – EDM Version”

  1. Hello Brian,

    Do you have sound tracks for songs, yours and others? I’d like to try singing some songs with soundtrack playing in the background. We don’t have a band and it would be nice to start somewhere…….

    Steve Sramek 408-551-8359 info@churchinmyarea.com ChurchInMyArea.com


  2. […] also a song where we’ve done different versions (here is a more meditative version, here is a really upbeat EDM version!).  It’s such a simple tune it lends itself to trying it out different […]

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