Lead Me to Some Soul Today

lostHey out there, fellow worship leaders and whoever else follows this blog!  I want to do a better job of sharing things we’re doing, quick recordings I’ll put together for our team and stuff that might benefit your team.  Here is a demo recording of a great old hymn we are doing this Sunday, “Lead Me to Some Soul Today”.  We are doing it in E so we can go straight into it out of the upbeat song I wrote a few years ago (with lyrics from another old hymn), “Here Am I Send Me” (available on my CD, The Whole World Will Know).

Been reading a book right now called The Apostle: A Life of Paul.  His passion for reaching the lost is so amazing, so convicting and inspiring.  Persecution, trouble, hardship – nothing could stop him in his desire to share the word of Jesus with those who had not yet heard the word.  I like how the heart of this song is a prayer to have that same heart, and I pray to imitate Paul in my love for those that don’t yet know Christ.

Lead Me To Some Soul Today


Lead me to some soul today,
O teach me Lord just what to say;
Friends of mine are lost in sin
And cannot find their way

Few there are who seem to care
And few there are who pray
Melt my heart and fill my life,
Give me one soul today

E / A / E / B
E / A / E B / E
A / E / F# / B
E / A / E B / E

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