All to Jesus I Surrender – Celebrating 10 Years of Monday Morning Music

Wow, it’s been exactly 10 years now since I started this blog post, “Monday Morning Music” and shared my vision for this spot on the web in this video.  I didn’t accomplish posting something every Monday by any means, like I mentioned in the video.  But I have posted over 170 articles here — new songs, new arrangements, songs by other disciples, and worship ministry ruminations and ideas.  (You can find things by searching for a song or topic in the search window, or look through the archives for different titles.)

To celebrate 10 years I’m posting a video of the same song I posted 10 years ago (wow, I’ve really aged a lot–church leadership and teen kids I guess).  I plan to keep posting ideas, thoughts, and new songs.  Thank you for the encouragement many of you have given me through the years.  It definitely keeps me going.  There are many times I think “why am I doing this” and then God encourages me with something and nudges me by his Spirit towards his purposes for me.

Lord bless you and keep you!  – JBC

4 Comments on “All to Jesus I Surrender – Celebrating 10 Years of Monday Morning Music”

  1. David says:

    Hey brother thanks for posting songs and lyrics to some of my favorite kingdom songs – your efforts are not in vain. Being part of the worship team here in the Detroit Church, your post has helped me projecting the correct lyrics each and every Sunday so the congregation has the right words to sing.

    May God continue to bless you and your ministry with another decade of inspiration and encouragement.

  2. Bret Krueger says:

    Congrats! And thanks, Brian, from the frozen tundra in Minneapolis. We really appreciate all the work you have put into this. Your impact has been felt here for sure.

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