How to not get mad at your church

Worship leaders, you have probably at some point or another, gotten a bit frustrated with those you in your congregation who you are striving to serve, love, and lead towards meaningful worship and an encounter with God’s holiness.  I know it is something I have struggled with before.  In this video I share a few practicals to help with this such as

  1.  Making sure your own heart in a good and worshipful place (“don’t get mad, get glad”)
  2. Taking opportunities to continually teach the congregation about worship, and
  3. As often as possible, make it “easy to sing.”

Love to have you post any additional comments below!  Happy Monday!

One Comment on “How to not get mad at your church”

  1. Verkeys Francis says:

    Hi Brian,
    thank you for sharing this. Really appreciate this.

    I am reflecting on all the points you mentioned.

    Have a great day 🙂
    Verkeys J Francis

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