Ties to the Light: alt-pop/rock music project

Happy Monday folks. I’m excited to let you know about a music album project I finally finished called “Ties to the Light.” If you’re reading this blog you probably know me for my congregational songs. But long ago I used to do alt-pop/rock (in high school and college). A while back I started writing songs in this genre again, and this album of songs represents those tunes I’ve been working on all this time. Going forward I plan to release more songs like this under the band name “Ties to the Light” (just to distinguish it from my worship music). Also I plan to collaborate with other artists under this band name.  I would LOVE to know what you think of this project!  Here are links for it, depending on what kind of streaming service you use:



Apple Music / iTunes

Google Play


5 Comments on “Ties to the Light: alt-pop/rock music project”

  1. Kristin Powelll says:

    Yay! You finally got to complete this! Love the songs…thanks for putting it out for us to hear.

  2. […] (By the way I used cloudbounce for mastering the audio, which I’ve been using lately for my last music projects –I really like […]

  3. Leo Villanueva says:

    Hi Brian, I am listening to the songs. Pretty awesome bro! So is this you singing only or do you have other singers with you? And is this your band or a combination of different bands? How long ago did you complete this since on YouTube it says the videos were uploaded 7 months ago?

    • jbriancraig says:

      Hey bro thanks. Just me singing on this project so far. Mostly me on all the instruments – I had a couple guest drummers on a few of the songs. Daniel Luna played some guitar on “Start at the Beginning. And the rap on “Don’t Travel Alone” is by RayShon. Had been working on the songs for a few years, finally made a focused effort to finish it all over last summer, I think I finished with mastering and released it sometime in the fall ’19.

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