His Hands – CLA Singers

Hey everyone, happy Monday!  A while ago the musicians from my local congregation and some singers from our region of the LA Church of Christ came together for a night of talking about worship ministry and then singing some of our original songs (see photos here).  We made multitrack recordings and several grabbed cameras (or phones!) and shot the singing so we could later share the night with others.  It has taken me quite a while (a year and a half!) to getting around to mixing these recordings and editing the video.  As I’m working through the material there is definitely some encouraging stuff here!  I’ll be sharing more videos from the night as I get a chance to mix and edit them.

This is a song I originally posted way back in 2010 here.  It’s also a song where we’ve done different versions (here is a more meditative version, here is a really upbeat EDM version!).  It’s such a simple tune it lends itself to trying it out different ways.

This video is how we most often sing it at church and closest to how I originally wrote it.  Here is sheet music for the song, in case you’d like to sing it in your congregation.

2 Comments on “His Hands – CLA Singers”

  1. Really nice song, Brian! I am amazed at how you did this nice groove version and then did that EDM version!!! What a switch! Gives me ideas!

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