Some thoughts on Multitrack Playback in Worship

Hey guys!  A lot of churches use multitrack playback these days (or at least play along to a click in their in ear monitors).  We have been experimenting with using tracked material, click and cues, in ear monitors etc for the last year, year and 1/2 or so.  I still have mixed feelings about it; has its place for sure, but I also like to keep it simple at other times.  Bottom line I like to keep all our options open and enjoy application of whatever tools we have at our disposal for worship ministry.

I’ll write more about that on a future post and figure out way to share a lot of the multitrack content of my own stuff I have uploaded over the last year or two for our team to use.  Would love to share it with more of you.

For now I’m sharing a video of me and a phenomenal young worship leader Josh discussing the topic more thoroughly.  Feel free to add any comments!

Link to video:

One Comment on “Some thoughts on Multitrack Playback in Worship”

  1. Hey Brian! Worship leader from NYCCOC here – we’ve been using pads on and off for about a year – great way to add atmosphere without having to rehearse to a click or be stuck to a specific song structure.

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