Show Me the Wonder

Well, I’m getting back to normal life after enjoying five (well, kind-of six) conferences in six weeks.  It has all been really great:

Southwest Singles Conference (SWSC) – It was the first time for my wife and I directing a conference of this size.  We expected a thousand and ended up with about 1200 in attendance.  The times of worship were absolutely amazing!  We had a very talented team of musicians and singers on the worship team that were a blast to work with.  The technical team did an outstanding job with production.  But what excited me even more than those things was the way the singles really SANG!  It was the most energetic, passionate singing I’d been a part of in a while (wish we’d captured some of it on video).  The lessons and classes and entertainment were all awesome.  Click here to listen to Marco’s close-out lesson.  Click here for the singles video contest entries and interviews with attendees.  Click here for a thorough review of the conference.

International Campus Ministry Conference (ICMC) – The next week I got to lead the worship over five days with 1000 screaming, passionate college students.  I wrote about it a bit in my last blog entry.  It was awesome.  The two new songs for the conference went over really well – I posted one last week, and I’ll post the other one soon.

 Palm Springs Family Retreat – Our region of the LA Church of Christ merged this year with another one of the regions that does this weekend get-away every year.  It was a great time with the whole family worshipping God Friday night and Sunday morning and classes for the moms and dads on Saturday.  My kids loved it.  After the singing with the crazy college students the weekend before, the times of worship seemed a little more subdued but it was still awesome and a great time of fellowship.

New England Christian Conference (NECC) / International Worship Leader Conference (IWLC) – These conferences ran the same weekend in separate ballrooms of the convention center in Providence, Rhode Island.  It was was an action-packed weekend!  I got to spend time leading worship and sharing some thoughts with the NECC leadership group Friday night, and then spend the day with the IWLC group the next day.  Saturday night it was really moving to celebrate the Boston Church of Christ’s 30th anniversary and be a part of a really high for both conferences.  Sunday worship was inspiring and I loved getting to hear Tom Brown, one of my favorite preachers from my childhood preach the word.  My new song, “Rejoice,” written for the conference was a big hit.  The more I sing that song, the more I like it (not true for all my songs).  Click here for a video with few highlights of the weekend, including the theme song.  Also several have posted videos on my Facebook wall, if we are friends on there.

International Leadership Conference (ILC) – The next week in Denver it was inspiring to be with leaders from all over the world for our annual ILC.  Allen Gower and his worship team from Colorado Springs did such a great job of organizing all the worship – I had a blast getting to sit in with their group for a couple great blocks of worship on Thursday and Saturday mornings (and a couple other slots).  All the news about how the churches are doing around the world was SO inspiring.  Lots of video is currently available at

Whew… All good times, but it sure is good to be back home!  And I will get back to posting songs every Monday.  It was great to get  feedback from lots of different people at the conferences about the way God uses these songs.  

This week I wanted to share a simple, fun song that has worked well at these conferences called “Show Me the Wonder”.  A long time ago I decided I wanted to write as many simple songs as God would give me, because we need them.  The songs that require lots of rehearsal, learning difficult vocal parts, putting together a band or choir – those are all great.  But in our fellowship we like and need simple stuff too… to sing with your kids, at a campfire, at a baptism, or a beach quiet time.  This is one of those type of songs.  

Here is a demo recording, a capella with four-part harmony:
Show Me the Wonder

And a video with just me and the guitar:

Here is a link to the sheet music.

And finally, the lyrics and guitar chords:

(Psalm 17:7)

Show me the wonder of your great love
Bring down the thunder from up above
And when I hunger you’ll fill me up
Show me the wonder of your love

Show me the wonder when I am weak
You’ll take me under your tender wing
And tell me that you will rescue me
Show me the wonder of your love

Show me the wonder when I am strong
You’ll take my hand as we walk along
And always guide me away from wrong
Show me the wonder of your love

Show me the wonder of what’s beyond
You’ll lift us up to you one by one
Where every tear, every shadow’s gone
Show me the wonder of your love

G / C G / G / D
G / C G / G D / G

3 Comments on “Show Me the Wonder”

  1. Thanks so much. I really needed this song this morning and it came to mind (God of course) and I’m so grateful you post what God has given you and share it so freely. The link to the sheet music didn’t work but it’s all good! I want to learn to read music by sight, not by so much effort and pain lol.

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