Why Have You Forsaken Me?

At the end of my sermon Sunday I before communion I did a song that seemed to minister to a lot of people, so I thought I would share it here.  We were talking about trust, and so I thought this song would be great because it really focuses on Jesus’ trust in the Father.

forsaken?The song is based on Psalm 22, which was a song written by David that captures in metaphor some of the things he must have been experiencing at the time.  The amazing thing is that the Holy Spirit used this psalm to describe in detail many of the things Jesus was to experience on the cross a thousand years later!  Jesus, living out the words of this song in person even quoted the first line of Psalm 22 as he was hanging on the cross.  A few of the details…

– The ridicule of onlookers – “He TRUSTS IN GOD” vs. 8
– “Even at my mother’s breast” – how Jesus came into the world, had to trust vs. 9
– How Jesus was thirsty vs. 15
– Pierced hands and feet vs. 16  (Crucifixion not invented until Persians, 400BC)
– How others would divide up / gamble for his clothes vs. 17-18

I wrote this song a few years ago when I was putting together a CD called “Remain in Me.”  The  song is a compilation of songs all sung from the perspective of Jesus in first-person to his followers.  I decided to put the songs in chronological order (as best I could) on the CD.  I had a song from Jesus’ perspective in the garden before he went to the cross (“Strong As Death”), and I had a song from Jesus’ perspective after he had risen from the dead (“Free from the Grave“).  I thought it would be great to have a song between the two, and so it seemed perfect to write a song based on Psalm 22.  Just a little “artistic note” – I made the song so the last chord of the song is the same as the first chord of the next song “Free from the Grave” so they would flow one to the next as you are listening to the album.

Here is the version of the song that appeared on the CD.  Another artistic note – when the the song gets really going about 4 min you might hear a little extra percussion – it’s me banging on a metal chair in my office.  I was really trying to put a lot of emotion into it.

Here is a live video of the song.

Here is a version of Nick Galang doing the song – he has such an awesome voice!

Here are the words and guitar chords.
Am      /       Am
Why have you
G     /       G
Forsaken me
F    /        F
Why so far
E     /      E7
From saving me
Am     /      Am
Hear my cry
G       /       G
Hear me groan
F       /       F
The holy one
E        /      E7
You are enthroned

I am a worm
And not a man
Scorned by all
Despised I am

I am mocked
By all who see
They shake their heads
Hurl insults at me

They say
F         /        G
“He trusts in the Lord
C      /      F
Let Him rescue him
F       /     G      /     Am
Will he be delivered?”

Since my birth
I’ve trusted you
You brought out of
My mother’s womb

But now strong bulls
Are all around
Roaring lions,
They tear me down

I’m poured out like water
Bones out of line
Heart’s turned to wax
My strength gone dry

Evil dogs
Encircle me
They have pierced
My hands and feet

F    /       G
But I trust in you
C     /      F
You will rescue me
F     /  G    /    Am
I will be delivered

People stare
People gloat
Divide my garments
Play games for my clothes

F     /      G
But I trust in you
C     /       F
You will rescue me
F       /       G
Into your hands
E    /    E     /   E
I commit my spirit

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