Glory Be to Jesus

glory be to jesusHey everybody, today I am posting an arrangement I made of a great classic hymn, “Glory Be to Jesus.”  This song is a meditation on what the blood of Jesus means for us.  It’s a great song to sing for communion, or during a time of worship and praise.

Fans of the tune might ask, why mess with something that is already great?  Good question.  But in my own quiet times I had enjoyed playing the song with a familiar rotating chord progression, used in countless popular songs as well as modern church music: I – V – VI – IV.  The classical voice leading and chord changes of the original hymn are great.  But the new arrangement gives it a modern feel.  I like both.  Anyway, sharing both with you today and feel free to try it out.  I’ve posted sheet music to the original hymn and my modified sheet music.  Also below is a new lyric video of my arrangement.

Sheet music:  Glory Be to Jesus – new arrangement

Sheet music:  Glory Be To Jesus – Traditional


F / C / Dm / Bb (repeating)

Before last verse
F / C / Dm / D

Last verse:
G / D / Em / C (repeating)




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